A legend of scoring 38 points in 43 minutes!Marbury CBA cried in the 200th game _1


A legend of scoring 38 points in 43 minutes!Marbury cried in the 200th game of CBA
What kind of determination and desire for victory allowed Marbury to play such a performance at the last minute of the game. Marbury scored 12 points from the last attack of regular time to help the Beijing team defeat 107-105 overtime.Guangdong.The Beijing team thus defeated their opponents 3-1 with a total score and advanced to the finals for the third time in four years.Marbury, a 38-year-old veteran, played a full 43 minutes today and eventually scored 38 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists in the game.Marbury hit the 28-year-old level.  At the beginning of today’s game, Marbury showed a strong offensive desire. After the opening, he reached the inside of the Guangdong team five times in a row to try to attack their rim.It’s a pity that I always feel a little bit worse, and I haven’t succeeded in five consecutive attacks.One of them even fell into the ground straight from the air in an exaggerated posture even in a collision with the opponent because the attack was too fierce.CCTV’s commentary Yang Jian also bluntly said that among the 38-year-old players currently active in the professional league, they can’t find the second player who can attack the opponent’s rim as fiercely as Marbury. He is the only one remaining.Too.  Marbury fights so fiercely because he knows very well that this game is a must-win for Beijing.Once Wukesong missed, then back to Guangdong, everything is difficult to control.It is a pity that other players in Beijing are always interrupted today, and Guangdong, who played with foreign aid alone, slowly overcame the score in the fourth quarter.This also allowed Marbury to stage a good show of the solo rider in the last three times.  First of all, in the first half of the fourth quarter, after the Guangdong team overcame the score by 78-77 for the first time, the Beijing team missed the attack. Instead, Yi Jianlian was given a 2 + 1 chance. After the United League penalty, the Beijing team fell behind by 4 points.Marbury started to take over the game. He passed the defensive player with one step down. It was also a 2 + 1. The Beijing team gave Guangdong a free throw opportunity next round.Looking back, it was Marbury’s sharp breakthrough that helped Beijing to bite the score without being pulled apart.  The second time to save the Beijing team was naturally the three-pointer before the regular time. The Beijing team only had 15 seconds of attack time, and the attack was not smooth after the first serve.After re-serving the sideline, Marbury took the ball and turned to face the noble direct and difficult three-point shot. Noble didn’t expect Marbury to vote so decisively. He stepped forward to block and was afraid of fouling.’S three points into the basket, dragging the game into overtime.  In overtime, Marbury is fully equipped to resist the entire team.In the case of other players who are not dramatic at all, he made a sudden outsourcing in one person, constantly blasting to compete with the Guangdong team.He didn’t give up even when he was behind 101-105. He made two consecutive breakthroughs and scored 105-105 in basketball.No matter whether it is noble or Zhou Peng, in the face of Marbury who is full of perseverance in his eyes, it seems that he has lost the direction of defense.Until the last moment, Marbury missed a three-pointer, Zhu Yanxi magically added the ball, and finally put a happy end to Marbury’s 200th CBA game.  Everyone often cherishes the heart of never underestimating a champion. Marbury today used his performance to explain what it means to be a champion.In fact, from the injury last season that missed most of the season, to the serious decline in the regular season this season, Marbury’s aging is an indisputable fact.However, he always stated in interviews or on his personal Weibo that he was only retaining physical strength to deal with key games, and the old horse will never be discouraged after losing to the strong team, vowing to help Beijing win another championship.Faced with such comments from Marbury, some fans expressed doubts, but today, Marbury confirmed what he said was not false.In the 200th game of his CBA, Marbury, 38, entered the finals with a 38-point softball team. This is an unforgettable game and will surely be an indelible legend in the history of CBA.(Eric)

ROAD FC年末压轴大戏将开战 金宝城MMA出道战_1


ROAD FC年末压轴大戏将开战 金宝城MMA出道战
­  ROAD FC(路德)国际综合格斗大赛035期将于首尔奖忠体育馆开战,此次比赛是ROAD FC在2016年的最后一场赛事,作为年末压轴大戏,本次比赛排出了ROAD FC创立至今最豪华的选手阵容,非常值得期待。另外ROAD FC除了专注于赛事质量,为拳迷奉献高水准的比赛外,还非常热衷于公益事业,而这次的年末大战正是一次以慈善为目的的大赛。­  据悉,当晚将进行14场比赛,主赛阵容中共有3场冠军争夺战,轻量级冠军权亚率、中量级冠军车正奂以及无限制级冠军麦提-莫将一同出战,分别迎战各自的挑战者。此外还有前任冠军李恩洙的回归之战,对手是中国小将库尔班江。曾KO居马别克的金秀哲也将在本场比赛中再次亮相,但对手因伤对赛,目前还未确定最终对手。而压轴大戏是在韩国具有极高人气的影星金宝城的MMA出道战,对手是老将近藤哲雄。本次比赛的阵容可谓是真正的看点十足,3场冠军战更是吊足了拳迷们的胃口。­  ROAD FC(路德)国际综合格斗大赛035期排出如此豪华的阵容有一个非常重要的原因,那就是公益。本次比赛的门票收入将全额捐献,用于小儿癌症患者的治疗,因此豪华的阵容对于门票的销售量会有很大帮助,可最大限度的为小儿癌症患者进行募捐。另外影星金宝城也会将本人的出场费全额捐献,金宝城以50岁的高龄出战已经非常不易,而此举更是令人倾佩。­  ROAD FC曾发起过“爱心分享”无偿献血、“爱的煤炭”等多次公益活动,受到了各界的关注,本次捐献门票收入更是获得无数好评,毕竟门票销售是赛事的收入的重要组成。但为了帮助饱受癌症侵害的儿童患者们,这一切都是值得的。另外,正官庄作为ROAD FC的战略合作伙伴,也深受体育界人士的喜爱。正官庄成立于1899年,正官庄高丽参和红参以其补气血、提高抵抗力的独特功效在国际上享有很高的盛誉。如今,ROAD FC和正官庄携手将在运动人群的健康调理及增强体能领域做更深层的合作。­  ROAD FC路德国际综合格斗大赛35期­  全部对阵:­  主赛:­  第七场 慈善募捐赛:金宝城VS近藤哲雄­  第六场 轻量级冠军战:权亚率VS佐佐木信治­  第五场 无限制级冠军战:麦提-莫VS卡洛斯丰田­  第四场 中量级冠军战:车正奂VS崔领­  第三场 雏量级:金秀哲VS (未定)­  第二场 轻量级:朴元植VS南丁-额尔德尼­  第一场 80kg超级战:李恩洙 VS 库尔班江-土罗斯巴克­  副赛:­  第七场 羽量级:朴亨根 VS金亨秀­  第六场 轻量级:金京標 VS朴大成­  第五场 羽量级:金世暎VS李昌柱­  第四场 羽量级:李正永 VS金浩俊­  第三场 轻量级:姜渊水VS王德宇­  第二场 轻量级:玉木寿成 VS 金奎亨­  第一场 轻量级:金祐载 VS 高东赫。

2014 Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball Online Fat Man Free-kick Skill (Video)_1


“Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball of 2014” Online Fatty Free Kicks (Video)
An unknown fat man became popular on the YouTube video site, and the video he uploaded had more than 105,000 hits.In the video titled 2014 Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball, this unnamed fat man kicked a free kick outside the big penalty area of the stadium.From a variety of angles, I witnessed a wonderful arc into the net nest, and the fat friend who pointed at the goalkeeper repeatedly frustrated from the net nest.  Among the free kicks taken by the fat man, there are not only the floating ball kicked out by the crossbow of the foot, but also the arc ball stepped out by the foot, and the foot and foot are straight to the dead end.Of course, such video highlights may take many failures to record a good shot, but this fat man’s footwork can still be regarded as a leader among homework enthusiasts.  The British “Daily Mail” specifically reported this magical fat man, ridiculed that he was in good condition Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea, I am afraid it is difficult to get his arc.(Li Puli)

National People’s Congress Zhu Surong: Proposed amendment to the People’s Bank of China Law


National People’s Congress Zhu Surong: Proposed amendment to the People’s Bank of China Law
On May 21, China entered the “two sessions” time.Zhu Surong, the long-time Shenyang branch representative of the National People’s Congress, brought this year’s “Proposal on Amending the” People’s Bank of China Law “”.He suggested that the role and role of the transition in the supervision and coordination mechanism of the Financial Commission should be clarified to provide a clear legal basis for the gradual macro-prudential management and performance of duties, divide the relevant content of financial consumer rights protection, and improve the relevant provisions of financial supervision and management.Zhu Surong said that the existing People’s Bank Law has four major deficiencies. One is that there is no legislative basis for the responsibilities in the supervision and coordination mechanism of the Financial Commission. The second is to summarize the new statutory regulations such as macro-prudential management and lack of legal support.The relevant provisions on protection measures are missing. Fourthly, regulations on financial supervision and management need to be supplemented urgently.Among them, with regard to the protection of financial consumer rights and interests, Zhu Surong said that he has taken the lead in the protection of financial consumer rights for a long time and has a coordinating and coordinating role. In the long-term practice of the protection of financial consumer rights and interests, the basic system in the field of financial consumer rights protectionThe implementation of industry standards and the application of relevant rules have shown that transition is the most suitable responsibility bearer. From the perspective of the comprehensiveness of the scope of the regulatory body and the regulatory needs to maintain financial stability, the transformation of financial consumer rights into the People ‘s Bank Law is moreConducive to the control of administrative costs.It is recommended that “People’s Bank Responsibilities” of Article 4 of the People’s Bank of China Law states “responsible for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers, and supervise and guide the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers of financial institutions.”In the “financial supervision and management” chapter, the responsibility of financial consumer rights protection inspection and supervision was added.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Xiangling

TVB接手足总杯香港的转播权 乐视失蹄或非欠费_1


TVB接手足总杯香港的转播权 乐视失蹄或非欠费
­  5月25日,香港无线电视(TVB)宣布转播2016-2017赛季英格兰足总杯决赛。­  本赛季足总杯决赛由新科英超冠军切尔西对阵过去三年两胜足总杯的阿森纳。比赛将于5月28日凌晨12:30打响。TVB将通过旗下的翡翠台从12:05开始播放足总杯决赛节目。­  今年足总杯的香港地区版权原属于乐视体育,然而乐视体育早前宣布,取消5月28日转播足总杯决赛的计划。为表歉意,乐视体育将为受影响的用户免费赠送三个月超级体育会员作为补偿。­  香港知名体育媒体人陈尚来通过新浪微博透露,此番停播足总杯与乐视资金危机肯定有关,但并非因拖欠版权方而被版权方中断信号,而是乐视体育本身无法支付接收卫星信号的费用。这造成了乐视体育“有版权没转播”的尴尬。­  陈尚来同时表示,乐视体育已经支付了本赛季香港地区NBA转播的所有相关费用,所以香港球迷依然可以通过乐视体育欣赏今年NBA的高潮之战。­  火线接手足总杯决赛转播权的TVB是香港地区的免费电视服务商,这意味着全香港的电视观众都可以欣赏到今年足总杯决赛。赛事将于TVB属下的翡翠台转播。­  TVB方面表示,“一定不会高价与别人争夺直播权”。此番转播足总杯,TVB只是临时接手。假如“乐视仍拥有版权”的消息属实,TVB的转播权有可能由乐视分销。至于下赛季TVB是否会正式转播世界上最传统的足球杯赛,目前未有定论。­  长期以来,香港免费电视台转播的欧洲足球赛事并不多,甚至连精华版权也并未购买。像TVB电视新闻报道欧冠、英超等赛事的战果时,只能配图而不能提供视频片段。­  不过本赛季TVB还拥有德国杯的转播权。碰巧德国杯决赛与足总杯决赛同期,将于7月28日2:00开球。TVB决定在足总杯比赛结束后,立即把信号切到德国杯。因此,本周末香港球迷将享受到难得的欧洲足球“免费大餐”。而铁杆德国足球迷可以通过TVB的电视应用“myTV SUPER”即时收看德国杯决赛。­  本赛季德国杯决赛由已经连续四年闯进德国杯决赛的多特蒙德对阵法兰克福。

Gome, Pinduoduo completed the delivery of convertible bonds to become the largest external shareholder


Gome, Pinduoduo completed the delivery of convertible bonds to become the largest external shareholder
April 28, Gome Retail (00493.Hong Kong) issued an announcement saying that the strategic investment of US $ 200 million convertible bonds of Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD) has been completed.Military, Gome disclosed that the transaction took 3 days to complete the negotiations, and now the delivery is completed within 10 days.According to the announcement, the initial share conversion price is the lowest 1.215 was created. If Pinduoduo has all exercise rights, Pinduoduo will account for approximately 5 of the issued share capital after the allotment and issue of conversion shares.62%.This means Pinduoduo has become the largest shareholder outside Gome Retail.On the evening of April 19, Gome Retail announced that the company was dating a new e-commerce platform Pinduoduo as a strategic investor.At the same time, the two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Gome will receive “Duodu”, a “home · life” supply chain, a large-scale logistics network, service solutions, and other “retail infrastructure”, which will provide Gome with data and technical support.After the two sides realized the technology connection, while Gome put a lot of goods on the shelves, the home appliance received a lot of “10 billion subsidies”, and Pinduoduo gradually injected digital retail resources such as consumer trend big data and platform traffic into Gome Retail.The two parties will carry out comprehensive, in-depth and close cooperation in joint large-scale procurement, customized products, joint marketing, home appliances going to the countryside, and the formation of online and offline traffic alliances.After the announcement, Gome Retail and Pinduoduo have both increased their prices day after day.Among them, Gome’s retail industry has achieved three consecutive increases, with a total increase of more than 28 subdivisions. The trading volume once ranked first in the list of trading volume of Hong Kong stocks. From April 20 to 28, the total turnover exceeded 7 billion euros.Gome retail CFO Fang Wei said that covering the entire commodity supply chain of home appliances and consumer electronics, a distributed logistics system, after-service access advantages, and 160,000 communities based on covering more than 2,600 stores across the country are in-depth strategies established by both parties.The basis of cooperation.In addition, recently, Gome Retail and Asiana Bank (China) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to obtain the 1.5 billion comprehensive credit provided by Asiana Bank (China).The two parties will carry out all-round cooperation, innovate financial services, and establish long-term cooperative relationships at the business level of “funding support, overseas bond issuance, overseas investment, cross-border financing”.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Yue Caizhou Proofreading Li Shihui

Overview of the 17th round of the CBA regular season: Guangdong 12 consecutive wins and Shanghai 10 consecutive wins_1


Overview of the 17th round of the CBA regular season: Guangdong 12 consecutive wins and Shanghai 10 consecutive wins
CBA Round 17 Overview: Guangdong 12-game winning streak Shanghai 10-game winning streak match review[Arab 21 + 11 Sloan 30 distribution Zell 24 + 16 Guangdong reversal Tongxi welcomes 12 consecutive victories]Beijing time December 14th 19:35 pmIn the 2016-2017 season, the 17th round of the CBA League continued to fight, and Guangdong Bank of Dongguan challenged Jiangsu Tongxi as a guest.In this campaign, Yi Jianlian and Zhao Rui returned, and Zhou Peng was absent due to injury.In the first half, Diorgu was awe-inspiring, surpassing Tongxi and establishing a leading advantage.In the third quarter, Guangdong based on defense to improve the offensive and reverse the score.In the last quarter, Guangdong firmly grasped the initiative on the field.In the end, the game ended and Guangdong reversed Tongxi 116-97 to win the 12-game winning streak.  Statistics: Guangdong (14-3): Sloan 30 points 3 rebounds 3 assists, Boozer 24 points 16 rebounds 2 steals, Yi Jianlian 21 points 11 rebounds 2 assists, Zhao Rui 15 points 6 rebounds 6 assists, Zhou Zhandong 8 points,Noble 7 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals, Ren Junfei 4 points and 3 rebounds, Yang Jinmeng 3 points, Dong Hanlin 2 points, Zeng Fanri 2 points and 2 rebounds.  Tong Xi (4-13): Corningham 31 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, Diogu 25 points and 17 rebounds, Tang Zhengdong 14 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, Fan Chenglin 9 points and 2 rebounds, Maierdan 7 points and 4 rebounds, ZhangCaibao had 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Feng Xin had 3 points and 5 assists, Song Jianhua had 2 points and 3 assists, and Abbas had 2 points (injured). Previous page12345678Next page

2024奥运申办进入“冲刺阶段” 三强争夺_1


2024奥运申办进入“冲刺阶段” 三强争夺
­  央广网北京2月5日消息(见习记者许睿)据中国之声《央广新闻》报道,洛杉矶、巴黎、布达佩斯3日正式向国际奥委会提交了申办2024年夏季奥运会的最后一部分申办文件,标志着奥运会申办进入“冲刺阶段”。­  洛杉矶、巴黎、布达佩斯三座城市递交的文件内容涉及赛事举办、参赛体验和场馆后期利用三个方面。国际奥委会在一份声明中称,三座城市“正式进入了申办过程的冲刺阶段”。­  先来看美国洛杉矶,近日洛杉矶市议会就确认支持洛杉矶申办2024年奥运会举行了正式投票,同时授权该市官员与国际奥委会签订有关协议。在投票中,市议会的投票以13票支持、0票反对的结果通过了支持洛杉矶申奥的决议。洛杉矶市长埃里克·贾西称,2024年夏季奥运会将为美国带来最多183亿美元的收入。­  再将目光转向法国巴黎,“巴黎2024”奥申委3日递交申请书,就在巴黎的人类博物馆举行新闻发布会,展开其申奥国际宣传攻势。会上,前奥运皮划艇激流回旋冠军埃斯坦盖首先介绍了巴黎申奥理念的关键词——分享,通过分享体育来分享世界。他表示,希望巴黎在百年后再次举办夏季奥运会,让全世界分享体育的热情和奥林匹克的目标。“巴黎2024”奥申委还介绍了巴黎为举办奥运会所做的规划。95%的场馆为现有场馆或临时设施,巴黎市中心著名建筑和景点也将变身奥运场馆。例如,著名的大宫将承办奥运会击剑和跆拳道比赛,荣军院广场将作为射箭场地等。­  而在匈牙利,最新公布的民意调查结果显示,63%的居民支持布达佩斯申办2024年夏季奥运会和残奥会。在过去半年时间里,支持申奥的人数比例提高12%。­  2024奥运会最终花落谁家,将于今年9月在秘鲁首都利马举行的国际奥委会全体大会上见分晓。

Beside James, Nongmei is entering the peak of his career


Beside James, “Nongmei” is entering the peak of his career
The career of “Nongmei” ushered in a new starting point.Picture / Visual China became the NBA champion at the age of 19, was selected to the All-Star Game at the age of 20, entered the league’s best ranking and best defensive goal at the age of 22, and was elected to the MVP at the age of 24.In the early days of landing in the NBA, “Thick Eyebrow” Anthony Davis was undoubtedly the arrogant of the entire league.Despite his soft hands, the Pelicans led by him always aim to make a breakthrough in the playoffs.Until joining the Lakers this summer, “Nong Mei” career ushered in a new starting point.He is no longer alone, with one of the league’s best players James, as well as Kuzma, Bradley, Danny Green, McKee, Howard, Caruso and other strong teammates.There is almost no transition period, “Nong Mei” and James perfectly blend in, becoming the team’s absolute pillar, the Lakers record leading the league.As team name James Worthy put it, “After more understanding of the game, the peak of Davis’ career has just begun.”Contrast” from the “empty chopping group” members to the winning core for the Pelicans for 7 seasons, Anthony Davis is improving personal data almost every season.Especially in the 2016-2017 season and 2017-2018 season, “Nongmei” contributed 28 points and 11 points per game respectively.8 rebounds and 28.1 point, 11.1 rebound.At the end of both seasons, he was selected as the best result of the regular season.First of all, in those two seasons, “Nongmei” was one of the top five players in the league.But in the same period, the Pelicans’ overall record was not excellent.At that time, there was another league top insider Cousins next to “Nongmei”. The two often played brilliant data, but the team repeatedly lost the game. The combination of Anthony Davis and Cousins once became synonymous with empty cut.The situation is reversed this season, with “Nongmei” averaging 27 contributions per game.7 points, 9 rebounds, compared with the previous 7 seasons of his career, personal data can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, but the team’s record is very good, the Lakers led the league with 21 wins and 3 losses.One and a half months after the start of the new season, “Nongmei” has been elected as the best player in Western Week twice.”He has also propped up a team before, which is no stranger to him.”For the leadership ability of Anthony Davis, James very much recognizes, and other Lakers players are also happy to help” Brow Eyebrow “play perfectly on the court.” No matter whether he hits a shot or not, he only needs to play.”As teammates, we just want him to play comfortably on the court.”Breaking in between the two superstars.Figure / Osports partner “Thick Eyebrow” and James quickly run together “Everything must start from us, if we are in step, then the team will be easier to play.No matter on or off the court, we are trying to lead by example and lead the team with our performance.”James is very clear that he and Anthony Davis are the absolute core of this Lakers. The faster the two run in, the more perfect the team will be.Facts have proved that although it is the first time to be a teammate, the running-in between the two superstars is very fast, and the chemical reaction is now perfect.On December 9th, when the Lakers defeated the Timberwolves, James sent 8 assists for “Nongmei” and scored the next season’s highest 50 points, creating a series of records.The two scored 82 points, which is comparable to many top combinations in NBA history.Even Lakers coach Vogel has a hard time explaining why James and Nongmei are so fast-moving, “In short, their game style is very good, this is not simply to piece together the talent.”Both are very selfless and willing to pass the ball to their teammates. They can always make the right choices on the court, and beside them, there are a group of players who have the ability to catch and shoot threats.”During the Lakers'” Showtime “period, James Worthy had created countless honors with Jabal and” Magic “Johnson. He understood the changes in” Brow Eyebrow “this season,” when a player started when he was 26Understanding the game, and playing with another great player, his confidence is increasing day by day, he is omnipotent on the court and he is more dominant.”The Lakers will usher in a long road trip in the east.Figure / Visual China The Lakers will have to face many challenges in the future. “We have made a good start so far in the regular season, but it is only limited to this.We still have a long way to go, we must continue to win, grow together with each other, and hope that we will continue to work hard.”As the Lakers coach Vogel said, as a brand-new team, the team will face many challenges in the future, and this needs” Nongmei “to overcome with teammates.In the seven seasons representing the Pelicans, Anthony Davis played only two playoff games. In the first round of 2015, he was swept by the Warriors. In 2018, he was blocked by the Warriors outside the Western Conference finals.Can “Nongmei” fight hard battles?Even after joining the Lakers this season, many people are still skeptical.The Lakers have only lost three games this season, losing to the Clippers in the opener and losing to the Raptors and the Lone Ranger. The opponents are all strong teams.How to maintain a high win rate in a strong dialogue is the direction the Lakers have been working hard on.According to the schedule, the Lakers then ushered in a long eastern road trip, playing against 5 Eastern teams within 8 days, including the Magic, Heat, Pacers, Bucks 4 teams in the top eight in the East, Anthony DavisAnd teammates will face a major test.In particular, the Bucks, who have won 15 straight, have the same record as the Lakers (21 wins and 3 losses).The Lakers will challenge the Bucks in the last game of the five-game team. It is likely to be a regular-head battle between the two teams. The direct dialogue between “Nongmei” and “Alphabet Brother” is also attracting attention.If Anthony Davis can lead the team through a difficult road trip and defeat the hot Bucks, the Lakers will have a brighter prospect this season.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang

2017年中国拳王赛全面升级 初级选拔赛3月佛山_1


2017年中国拳王赛全面升级 初级选拔赛3月佛山
­  3月5日至10日,2017年全国男子拳击锦标赛将在广东佛山岭南明珠体育馆正式打响。作为2017年国内首项大型拳击赛事,本次锦标赛备受业内与广大拳迷关注。本次全国锦标赛同时也是全运会男子拳击第一次资格赛,此外还是2017“中国拳王”赛的初级选拔赛,赛事各级别前四名拳手将获得“中国拳王”赛晋级资格。­  2016年的里约奥运会上,中国拳击选手顽强拼搏再创佳绩,男女拳手共取得了1银3铜的出色成绩,证明了中国拳击在“后邹市明时代”依然可以在强者林立的世界拳坛占有一席之地。2016年10月,为顺应国际拳联职业化改革潮流,中国拳协与博盟体育联合推出国内最高规格的品牌职业赛事“中国拳王争霸赛”,为中国拳击发展铸就新的里程碑。2016年各项大赛结束后,第十三届全运会就成了国内拳手备战的重中之重,而本次全国男子拳击锦标赛将作为全运会男子拳击的第一次资格赛和“中国拳王”赛初级选拔赛,也得到了国内各代表队的高度重视,众多名将均将披挂上阵。­  在男子10个级别的参赛选手中,包括多位拳迷耳熟能详的擂台名将,参加过里约奥运会的八名国家队拳手胡建关、吕斌、张家玮、刘伟、胡谦逊、赵明刚、山俊、于丰铠全部出战,2016“中国拳王争霸赛”参赛选手文银杭、牟海鹏、黄家彬、王港、黄鑫、王龙、王森、施国军、王磊磊以及老将张建艇、麦麦提图尔孙?琼等也将为各自代表队出赛。值得一提的是,北京奥运会+91公斤级银牌得主、现WBO东方重量级洲际拳王张志磊也出现在比赛拳手名单中,从去年的里约奥运会允许职业拳手参赛开始,拳击职业化就已在全球范围内得以推广,奥运体系赛事向职业拳手敞开大门。在国际拳联的大力倡导下,中国拳击协会积极响应,推出“中国拳王争霸赛”等高水平职业赛事,全面推进中国拳击职业化进程。­  2017年,“中国拳王争霸赛”将全面升级为“中国拳王”赛,中国拳击协会、中国拳击联盟与博盟体育继续强强联合,力求将“中国拳王”赛打造成为中国拳击赛事第一IP,推动中国拳击不断向前发展。2017年的“中国拳王”赛共分为两个阶段举行,第一阶段为5至7月,由职业体系选手间进行对抗,选拔出参加A级赛的职业拳手代表。第二阶段包括C、B、A、S四级赛事,其中C级赛事为即将举行的全国锦标赛,暨“中国拳王”赛初级选拔赛,赛事各级别前四名选手获得晋级资格;B级赛事为C级赛事晋级选手进行分组对抗、单场淘汰,最终决出各级别优胜;A级赛事为B级赛事优胜者与第一阶段胜出的职业拳手进行对决,胜者获得向上一年度“中国拳王”挑战的资格;S级赛事为A级赛事的胜出者挑战上一年度10个级别的“中国拳王”,决出2017年度的“中国拳王”最终归属。­  2017“中国拳王”赛初级选拔赛将于3月5日开战,而更高级别的B级、A级、S级赛事将于9月至12月,即全运会和世锦赛结束后正式打响。2017年的“中国拳王”赛无论办赛规模还是赛制形式均有较大改变,这种逐层晋级的竞赛方式将角逐出最优秀的体制内拳击运动员,同时也将向国内现阶段较为杂乱的职业拳击市场发起挑战,通过技战术水平证明中国体制内拳手作为拳击界优秀人才的代表性,增强“中国拳王”赛的群众认可度和公信力,从而进一步提升“中国拳王”赛的品牌价值。