Get up early in the sun to lose weight?

Get up early in the sun to lose weight?

do you know?

Just like the growth of plants can not be completely sunny, people who want to lose weight can not do without the sun!

Two people who are the same in their own material, if one of them often can’t “bath” the morning sun, it is easy to become a little fat man!

  The sun shines in the morning because the human cells contain a protein called BMAL1″, which binds to DNA and produces a “time gene,” which is a key factor in controlling the body’s biological clock.

  This protein will increase at night, and it will decrease when the body is bathed in the morning sun. If you don’t get the sun in the morning, the protein that quietly increases in the evening will accumulate in your body cells, and they are extremely easy.Save 姨.

Over time, your biological clock is used to bed in the morning, and the body will have a lot more “squatting warehouses”. It is difficult to think of fat!

  It seems that getting up early in the sun, not only a good habit of life, but also help you maintain a slim body.

  Intuition is that the “button” rebound of eating is the biggest enemy of slimming, but as long as the food is current, you can’t help but eat a big meal, and then go home and depressed.

Now that you have a brand new way to lose weight, you can stop the pouting and you don’t need to blame yourself. You can enjoy the delicious taste and see the numbers on the scale down.

Is there such a good way?


But you have to keep in mind the most crucial point: you can only eat when you are hungry; stop as soon as you feel hungry!

  The mystery of this weight loss method lies in people’s psychology.

People in today’s society eat it when they are sorrowful and sorrowful. When others eat, they eat it themselves. When they are full, they will eat food when they are full. When they are determined to lose weight, they will continue to control their diet.

This is very easy to rebound and self-destruction.

The superiority of the “intuition” weight loss method is that under the alternative of “Hungry to eat, not hungry or not to eat” rules can not be changed, you do not have to worry about “can not eat, can not eat”, as long as you feel intuitivelyIf you are hungry, you can eat any food, and you can stop eating chopsticks if you are not hungry.

In this way, the psychological burden is reduced, and weight loss naturally becomes easier.

  If you have barely tried to do naked exercises at home?

This is the most popular trend in slimming circles now!

Take a look at the weight-loss experts listed for us to lose weight 5 weights: Hypothetical reasons: when the metabolic rate is at least rapid, the body surface temperature changes faster than the “dressing movement”: in a warm environment, the body temperature rises quicklyThe blood circulation is accelerated and the rate of metabolism is promoted.

  When the movement is more standard nude, especially when the nude is facing the mirror, most people will consciously remind themselves to chest, abdomen, and raise the head. One of the functions of weight-loss clothing is to “shadow” our body.”Short, don’t use it to deceive yourself.

When we are naked, we can find that our parts are fatter and can be accurately observed and grasped during exercise.

  Healthier without clothes, smoother perspiration, and more free breathing of the skin.

  The weight loss excitement index is higher. The naked person has a higher degree of love for the body, and the weight loss consciousness is stronger, and it is easier to absorb energy.

Choosing a pillow can keep you away from your body.

Choosing a pillow can keep you away from your body.

A stiff neck, snoring, swollen eyes, drooling. If these problems occur in good physical condition, then you should check your pillow.

Pillows are indeed one of the causes of problems in our sleep. It is necessary to choose individual physiological curves and physiological needs, especially for some people with cervical diseases. Choosing a pillow is an important guarantee for sleep.

  The “ugly” sleep phase is formed because the human cervical vertebra has a natural curvature, and too high a pillow will destroy this curvature, causing tension and stiffness of the posterior muscles and ligaments.

If you are not blown by cold wind or do not over-twist the cervical vertebra before going to bed, then the pillow is the “accidental ceremony” for the pillow.

  The pillow is too low and the lower jaw is slightly lifted, so that the throat is compressed, the small tongue naturally sag, separate the respiratory tract, causing snoring.

Zhang Xi said that overwork, excessive drinking, and irregular sleep can also lead to snoring.

  A soft pillow can cause the head to get stuck in the pillow, and the blood flow is too concentrated, causing tension in the facial muscles.

In the morning, you will find a lump in your eyes. Exclude drinking water before going to bed. The reason for drinking may be that your pillow is too soft.

  The carotid artery at both ends of the stiff pillow is compressed, causing hypoxia in the brain.

Some people sleep and love to drool, leading to drooling is the first increase in the amount of saliva caused by hypoxia.

  Choosing the right pillow can avoid troubles, and the bad sleep phase will be alleviated.

Zhang Xi said that the traditional buckwheat husk pillow is very suitable for human needs.

Its natural softness is very good, and the comfort of the head can be adjusted according to the curve of the cervical vertebra.

In addition, buckwheat husk has good breathability and is also very suitable for people with “hot body”, which can effectively absorb the hot and humid sweat emitted by the skin.

  Be careful to shake slightly when choosing a pillow. Do not choose the sound of the internal filling material too much to avoid affecting sleep.

If you are used to sleeping on the side, the pillow should be chosen to be the same thickness as the length. If you are working in the office, you can choose the pillow of latex material. Because the latex has strong support, it can also promote the blood circulation behind the neck and strengthen the muscles of the back of the neck.
  Cotton and down pillows are soft, but they are poorly breathable and easily deformed, which can cause many of the above-mentioned adverse conditions, especially down pillows, which generate static electricity during the dry season in winter and have a negative impact on the skin.

  Otaru equipment: The music nap pillow is designed with an O-shaped pillow, so that no matter which angle you look up from, it will feel more comfortable. The height of the pillow is just right for the space between the table and the cervical vertebra will not be raised too high.

  The nap pillow has a built-in small speaker. The speaker has a velvet structure. The music sound is soft and not harsh. At the end of the nap pillow, you can connect it with MP3. You can listen to your favorite song and have a sweet nap.

  Napping for a music nap pillow at noon, the office is noisy, busy in the morning, it is difficult to fall asleep?

Choose a music nap pillow and sing softly in your ear, your sleepiness will come.

Graduation, goodbye to the youth, we travel together

Graduation, goodbye to the youth, we travel together

Every June, the campus is filled with the breath of separation.

The moment of graduation photos, the tears of the graduation dinner, the passion of the graduation party and the Yiying farewell to the graduation trip, the good time to eat and live with the same work will end, some sad, some miss.

Quietly, the same classmates in the past, together with the hard-working classmates gave themselves a new way of commemoration, with the “graduation tour” to bid farewell to this period of youth, open a new chapter.

  Each person’s graduation trip has different characteristics. According to his own conditions and personality, the choice of graduation travel routes is also different.

  Recommended location: Hainan South in this graduation season, just in time to catch up with the World Cup in South Africa.

Many girls who are preparing to travel with their boyfriends suddenly find that they are left out.

Many boys have invited some like-minded fans in the World Cup to play football addiction in the bar or on the open screen.

At this time, the secret tour was created.

At this time, many girls choose to “walk around with the women” who are good friends.

Putting aside the separation and sorrow of the graduation, and temporarily putting the tension into the society, everyone will enjoy the warm sunshine and clear water, the comfortable beach and the delicious fruit.

If you have nothing to do, can you send a message to a good friend? “I am at the end of the earth, come to me.”

  When you come to Hainan, you will think of clear waters, white sand beaches, coconut trees along the streets and rich fruits. The pleasant climate has always attracted many tourists from all over the world.

Lying on the beach, order a cup of iced coconut milk, put on sunglasses, and apply olive oil. At this time, you can enjoy everything there, and the sun will silently make you tan, let you have the most fashionable and sexy skin color.

In addition, you can go to Hainan Island’s most prestigious Tianya Haijiao, it seems that there is a feeling of reaching the end of the world.

The blue sky and the blue sky are full of colors, the smoke is vast, the sails are a little bit, the coconut trees are wandering, the strange stones are standing, and there are “the end of the world”, “the cape”, “the southern tip of the column”, “the sea is judged by the south” and other giant stone majestic beaches, making the whole attraction such asPoetic, beautiful.

At night, walking on the soft sand, listening to the soft waters singing around, the betel nut in your mouth, the palm of your hand, the coconut you just opened, and the easy conversation with your friends, what a smack.

  Recommended places for couples tour: Zhuhai’s wonderful university life is coming to an end. Many college couples choose to travel together as the last moment of college time, hoping to treasure this wonderful time forever.

Frequently, couples use the list of lists to plan their itinerary. It is inevitable that they will meet each other’s persistence. At this time, they should sit down and think about exactly what city, some kind of attractions are suitable for themselves, and negotiate the most suitable for “common vacation interests.”At the same time, you have to set aside a free time, so that you can want to see what you want to see, and you want to buy it.

  Romantic travel is indispensable for couples to travel, so stay a little romantic.

Since it is rare to go out of the “two-person world”, naturally, you can’t just be busy with sightseeing purchases, and the trips are full.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner on the grass, a warm bed breakfast, or a moonlight walk with the evening breeze, in short, at least not a little surprise for the other half.

  Pedal couples across the sea and pearls Many people have been to Guangzhou, Dongguan and Hong Kong, but the city of Zhuhai, which has blooming flowers in all seasons, has been ignored by them.

When you arrive in Zhuhai, the most not to be missed is the “Lovers Road”, which is famous throughout the country. It’s nighty, warm and whispered, strolling on the “couple road” under the night, listening to the promise of “holding the hand and the old man”.What do you want?

Of course, a “couple road” is not enough to outline Zhuhai’s original quaint and modern city.

Looking across the bank, the bustling Macau is in sight, and at this time, the complex emotions in your heart will be invisibly released.

  Brothers even recommended location: Many graduates of the Tea Horse Road in the last summer of life, under the huge temptation of the World Cup, choose to invite three or five friends, back tents, sleeping bags, holding climbing ropes, compasses and other outdoor equipment to start their own outdoorBrother’s trip.

During the thrilling and exciting outdoor adventures, friends united to overcome difficulties and tempered their own will while fully enjoying the magic of nature.

It should be noted that outdoor adventure itself has certain dangers. Before going out, you must understand the environment of the destination, prepare the outdoor clothing and equipment you need, and preferably have a familiar environment and a guide to understanding the common sense of survival in the wild.

  With modern tools, you can enjoy ancient civilizations in the mountains and valleys of the Hengduan Mountains. There is a mysterious ancient road entangled in the mountains. This is one of the world’s highest civilizations and cultures.

During the day, I asked the local horsemen to rent a few horses, galloping on the ancient and mysterious ancient tea-horse road, listening to the ancient tunes sung by the locals, as if returning to the era of “tea-horse mutual market”; staying at the local villagers’ home at night, listeningThe ancient legends that have been handed down for thousands of years have enjoyed the impact of history on our spirit and soul.

Old Chinese medicine experience: winter male health, pay attention to housing and raising, solid and cultivate

Old Chinese medicine experience: winter male health, pay attention to housing and raising, solid and cultivate

In the winter, the wind is cold, and everything is hidden. People also reduce activities accordingly.

Because winter is a conservation act that adapts to the festival, the activities of the house should also be based on the principle of “reserving Tibet”.

The so-called “good health and high blood quality, long-term loss of premature aging,” Chinese medicine believes that the filling, qi and foot, Shenwang is a guarantee of health, especially the essence of blood.

Too low a temperature will affect people’s behavior. When the temperature rises in winter, it needs to consume more energy. From the perspective of the body’s instinct protection, the activity will be relatively reduced and more changes need to be replaced, so this season people becomeLazy and unwilling to be active.

In addition, the cold weather in winter is the onset of male glandular glands, especially the prostate. At this time, according to the severity of the disease, there are symptoms such as sleepiness, general weakness, and easy fatigue.

Excessive work stress affects sexual desire, stress and fatigue are the biggest killers of sexual desire.

Winter is at the end of the year, the completion of work tasks, and the work plan for next year. These may cause men in the workplace to work hard. Physical and mental fatigue makes them realize the strong psychological pressure, causing fears and nervousness.Involuntarily brought to the night, will affect sexual desire.

Winter sex should converge.

Chinese medicine believes that it is full of suffocation, qi and foot, and that sacredness is a guarantee of health, especially rooted in blood.

Winter is a good time to hide, and it is consistent with the nature of winter conservation. Because winter yang is weakening and sexual desire is relatively reduced, it is conducive to Tibetan essence and not venting.

Excessive sexual life in winter may damage the kidneys. “Kidney injury is dry in the marrow, and low back pain can not be pitched”, which can cause diseases.

“Winter does not hide fine, spring must be warm”, also pointed out that winter is not restrained sexual desire, may reduce the resistance to disease due to “kidney loss.”

Infinite nourishment of abstinence, some men mistakenly believe that winter “hidden but not venting” is supposed to be less ejaculation, and sexual life often deliberately “closes”.

In fact, this is a wrong way, half a waste of waste semen countercurrent, the formation of high pressure will also cause bacteria to countercurrent infection, increase the probability of prostatitis.

Breaking the law of sexual life throughout the winter caused serious discomfort for both husband and wife.

However, we should not continue to have sex. In winter, the human body needs more transitions to maintain body temperature. Too much sexual life will lead to a large consumption of energy, and people will easily get sick.

Mastering the frequency of sexual life varies from person to person. As long as both parties are happy and can be full, it is appropriate to satisfy the frequency of sexual life.

TCM treatment requires four consultations and ginseng, comprehensive pulse syndrome prescription medication, kidney deficiency is mainly due to lack of kidney essence, may be yin and yang deficiency, need comprehensive conditioning, Chinese medical effect is generally affirmed.

(Search for the headline @健康养生医生 to view the micro-headline, kidney deficiency conditioning can help you) Click on the avatar to pay attention to more health knowledge, will continue to update the practical health knowledge for everyone, I hope that every reader will be healthy and safe for life!

Acupoint health|toxicity is not concentrated, migraine, tooth pain according to the hanging skull point, clearing away heat and dispelling wind and collaterals

Acupoint health|toxicity is not concentrated, migraine, tooth pain according to the hanging skull point, clearing away heat and dispelling wind and collaterals

First, the hanging cranial acupoints are named hanging and hanging.

The skull, the ancient finger bone, the blood in this finger is cold and wet.

The skull name means that the gas of the biliary tract is absorbed by the water after it is dissipated.

The material of this point is the warm atmosphere from the 颔 颔 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Second, the effect of clearing away heat and dispelling wind, Tongluo swelling.

Third, attending conditioning energy is not concentrated, migraine, face swelling, eye pain, toothache and so on.

Fourth, the position is located on the head of the hair, and the head point is at the midpoint of the curved line connecting the Qufu point.


Fifth, the health massage will insert the middle finger into the hanging cranial cavity and gently press it, 1 time each morning and evening, 1 time each time?
3 minutes.

Six, compatibility acupoint headache | compatibility points: Quchi points, Hegu points, suspending the skull migraine | compatibility points: 颔 颔 points, hanging skull points, Fengchi points, Waiguan points outside the pain | compatibility points: silk bambooAcupoints, temples, hanging skull points, wind pool points swollen | compatibility points: people in the hole, hanging skull point source source map insect 91 health assistant, not only health welcome to pay attention to the “91 health assistant” content more learning reference, ifYou need to solve specific problems, and you are advised to consult a professional medical institution in detail.

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