Morning food white porridge

Morning food white porridge

Congee porridge for food, the original salty sweet glutinous rice is the lowest, thick and thin are suitable, but as a health, according to Taoist, Buddhist, health home, the experience of the doctor, it is best to eat white porridge on an empty stomach in the morning.

  Cao Tingdong, a famous health-care house in the Qing Dynasty, was sickly young and never lived in the countryside. He was sent to the village between the mountains and rivers. He studied mechanics, paintings and poems, and became a literary writer. His book “Siku Quanshu” was also used.

Cao Tingdong has enjoyed a long life in his 90s because of his medical environment at that time. He has become a health story.

And Cao Tingdong also combined the ancient people’s health experience with their own practical experience, and wrote it as “health essay”, named “old and old eternal words”, old, old, old, old-aged, old-fashioned, enjoy a healthy and longevity.

Cao Tingdong’s article in the book “Morning” said: “Everyday fasting, eating a light porridge, can push Chen Zhixin, Shengjin fast stomach, the benefits are not fine.

Such as mixed with salty things, that is, ordinary diet.

“It is clear that if the porridge is added to other collaterals, it is equal to ordinary food.”

  Sun Siwei, a medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, studied medicine because of his illness, and he used the wisdom of Buddhism and Taoism to maintain his health. He lived in his 100s. He is also known as the white porridge in the morning.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine porridge, using “rice gas” and water for “drug introduction”, according to the “biological clock” of the internal organs, to regulate the body and treat diseases.

  There is no refrigerator in ancient times, and the porridge is cooked at a gentle temperature and ready to eat.

Nowadays, it is used to fill the hunger, the porridge is cooked, and it can’t be eaten. It is placed in the refrigerator. When you want to eat it, boil it and add other accessories.

However, as a morning porridge for health, it is still beneficial to be cooked.

Is the nutritional value of watermelons high after freezing?

Is the nutritional value of watermelons high after freezing?

Studies have shown that watermelons stored at 21 ° C – equivalent to indoors have more nutrients.

With the freshly picked watermelon index, 40% more watermelon lycopene stored at 21 °C, and 50% more beta-carotene that can be converted into vitamin A?


hzh {display: none; }  科学研究表明,常温保存的西瓜比刚摘下的西瓜含有更多的营养成分,尤其是番茄红素会大幅增加。  Lycopene is an antioxidant that is good for your health and helps prevent heart disease and certain cancers.

The researchers tested some of the most popular watermelons, which were stored at 21 ° C, 13 ° C and 5 ° C for 14 days.

  Studies have shown that watermelons stored at 21 ° C – equivalent to indoors have more nutrients.

With the freshly picked watermelon index, 40% more watermelon lycopene stored at 21 °C, and 50% more beta-carotene that can be converted into vitamin A?

  Refrigerating the watermelon in a refrigerator or freezer slows down the process of continuing to produce nutrients.

  Iced watermelons are refreshing when eaten, but the nutrients are much longer than those preserved at room temperature.

  Frozen watermelon is also prone to deterioration. The shelf life of watermelon at 13 ° C is 14?
After 21 days, and stored in a refrigerator or freezer, that is, when stored at 5 ° C, the watermelon began to deteriorate after one week.

Taoist esoteric health practice, 104-year-old Dao personally demonstrated, you can feel the effect on the day of practice

Taoist esoteric health practice, 104-year-old Dao personally demonstrated, you can feel the effect on the day of practice

Laoyang press: In the last article, Zhang Zhishun was introduced. I think everyone is very interested in Zhang Daochang’s fitness exercises. Here, Laoyang introduced them to everyone, and I hope everyone can exercise and have a good time.body of.

Daochang introduced Zhang Zhishun to the road, the track number Mi Jingzi, the master Fu Xian surnamed Liu Shangming, and Zeng Qingxiu in the Datianyu Mountain in Shanyang, Shaanxi, and his master Wang Yuanji Daozhen.

Since Zhang Zhishun’s long-distance Taoism, he has been reading the scriptures and enlightenment avenues while practicing the single-passenger’s King Kong and Longevity.

Zhang Zhishun Daochang demonstrated the cornerstone of the eight-piece Jinganggong graphic preparation high-rise building. The preparatory type has a very important role in the whole practice.

Presupposition includes both aspects of form and mind, and is indispensable.

1.The feet are close together, the body is upright, and the hands are naturally drooped into the body, and the front is visually observed.

Relaxed, calm, and distracted, quiet and natural.

2.Pull your left foot to the left, shoulder width.

Put your hands together and put your hands together. Use a little force (inner strength) and straighten.

The arms are straight, the hands are slightly turned to the side of the body, and the palms are slightly inclined backwards.

The air machine started to start.

3.Both hands are lifted from the side of the body to the palm of the waist, and the fingertips are opposite to the ribs.

Both hands continue to move forward to the abdomen, one hand on the umbilicus, one hand under the navel, two hands Laogong (when the fist is pointed, the middle finger point is pointed) in a straight line, up and down.

Qi is in the middle of the palace (the middle of the heart and kidney).

The first hand is inserted into the top three-focus: three-focus is the combination of upper focus, medium focus and lower focus.

From the local and related organs, the upper focus refers to the upper part of the chest (the upper end of the stomach, the acupuncture point refers to the tail of the appendix), including the head, the throat, the upper limb, the heart, the lung, etc.; the middle focus refers to the chest below the umbilicus.Parts, including liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach and other internal organs; lower focus refers to the umbilical below, including the abdomen, waist, knee, lower limbs, kidney, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, etc. (pathological and physiological aspects, sometimes the lower focus also includes the liver, gallbladder).

The vitality of the person originates from the kidney, and the body of the three-focal channel is applied to the whole body to promote the activities of the organs.

The focus is fog, the focus is like a sink, and the focus is like a slap.

Sanjiao has the function of ventilating blood and fluid, decomposing water valley, and regulating waterways.

The hand Shaoyang Sanjiao meridian starts from the “Guanchong Point” at the end of the ring finger (one point at the outer corner of the nail of the fingerless finger) and is handed over to the heart and the meridian.

Wrist and finger hand Sanyin, the origin and destination of the hand Sanyang.

This syllabus makes the whole body use internal strength, and the palm of the hand is inserted straight into the sky from the top of the head, affecting the hand Sanyin, the hand Sanyang, the foot Sanyin, the foot Sanyang, the Rendu two veins and the Qijing eight veins, reaching the Lijiao,Make an overall adjustment of the head, the internal organs, the yin and yang of the limbs, and lay the foundation for the later work.

1.The five fingers are close together and the two hands are stretched down.

Then, the straight arm is lifted to the sides of the body to the shoulders, and the palms are down and stop.

Meditate on the word “sheng” to help the gas rise.

With both hands and five fingers together, with the wrist as the axis, use the internal strength to set up the palm, and extend the palm.

Then, bend the elbows, palms of both hands, and lean toward the top of the Baihui point (the intersection of the midpoint of the front and rear hairs and the intersection of the two eartips), the middle finger tips meet, and the top of the Baihui point is placed about two fingers wide.Stop for a while.

Meditate on the word “long” and help the qi.

The backs of the two hands are close to each other, the fingertips are facing the sky, the two arms are forced, and the sky is inserted into the erect;

Meditate on the word “化”.

4.The hands are separated, and the arms are gradually extended to the shoulders to the side of the body, and the palms are down, and the words are stopped.

With the wrist as the axis, the two arms form the palm of the palm down inward.

5.Then, the two arms are hung down to the abdomen, and the two hands are respectively attached to the umbilicus, and the words are stopped.

笫Two hand and foot before and after the consolidation of kidney and kidney: the kidney is congenital water, but also the basis of the internal organs.

The main water, the Tibetan essence, the master gas, the fire of the life gate (the body of the yuan Yin, the place where the Yuanyang gas), the main bone marrow, the same as the brain.

Kidney is an important organ that dominates the reproduction, growth, development and maintenance of water-liquid metabolism balance. It is the energy power that human life can continue to display. It is the material basis for the intersection of heart and kidney, water and fire, and the coexistence of the body.
The practice of this department passes the “before and after the hand and foot”, bending over, bending the knee, and massaging the kidney and waist to regulate the kidney and bladder, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the waist.

1.Put your hands together (open palm) into your chest.
The left foot takes a step forward to the left and the legs are straight.

With both hands, the palms rush forward, the straight arms are shoulder-high, and the front is visible.

2.Turn your hands over and hold back and back.

The two hands are flattened to the sides, and the palms are backwards. The arms are in a shape and stop.

3.The front leg bends into the left front lunge, the body leans forward (but do not bend the hook), and looks straight ahead; at the same time, the two straight arms are hugged back to the tail vertebrae, and the palms are closed.

4.Put your hand on the waist as much as possible.

Separate the palms, palms inward, insert the sides of the spine and push down until the arms are straight.

5.Both hands are lifted obliquely upwards from both sides, and the palm gradually turns to the front, until the two arms are straight and flat and shoulder-high; at the same time, the front legs are gradually stepped straight and stop.

6.Hold the straight arms forward, hold the palms, and the arms and shoulders are flat and stop.

7.Before the palms are retracted with both hands, the left leg is reset, and the two legs are separated from the shoulder width, and the natural length.

After a short stop, change the right leg to the right front step, into the right lunge, the same action as before.

The third part of conditioning the spleen skin needs to take a single point: the spleen and stomach is the essence of the human body.

The spleen is transported to the water valley, and the oil is pumped into the body. There is a saying that “the spleen is the source of qi and blood.”

The spleen and stomach are in the table.

The stomach is the “sea of the water valley”, the main acceptor, the main rotted water valley, has a digestive diet, absorbs the role of water valley micro-nutrition system.

Spleen and dampness are dry, stomach is dry and wet, and temper should be elevated, and stomach should be lowered.

The two complement each other and balance each other.

According to this principle, the exercise method adopts the action of lifting the arms up and down, so that the yin is lowered and the spleen and stomach are constantly adjusted.

The spleen has a large cavity, six inches below the human armpit, and goes to the skin.

The mixture of the present method can be opened and closed, can clear the big collaterals, regulate the spleen skin, and eliminate diseases such as wind, cold and dampness, blood coagulation and the like.

1.Two palms change fists (the first four fingers try to bend inward, the top of the thumb is four fingers), the two fists are opposite, the palms are up, connected to the umbilicus.

2.The left foot took a big step to the left and the double fist moved to the outside of the left waist.

The left fist is changed to the palm, the palm is forward; the right palm is changed to the palm of the hand, the palm is down, and the middle of the palm is attached to the left palm.

3.The two palms move at the same time: the left palm is forced upwards by the ear, the palm is flat, and the fingertip is backward; the right palm is pressed straight down from the left abdomen, and the fingertip is to the left.

At the same time, the left leg bends into the left lunge, and the head is straight forward and stops.

4.Both hands are in the same rotation at the same time, the left palm becomes the palm, the palm is to the right, the fingertips are toward the sky; the right palm is turned to the palm, the palm is to the left, the fingertip is to the ground, and the fist is made.

The left fist is dragged, the right fist is lifted up, relative to the left breast; at the same time, the left foot is straight.

5.Double fists moved to the abdomen.

The double fist moves to the outside of the right waist. The action is the same as before, but the direction is opposite.

The fourth part of the left liver and the right lung, such as the eagle eagle: The “left liver and right lung” here refers to the position of the two organs in the five elements of the gossip.

That is, the liver is wood, located on the left side of the shock position.

It does not refer to the actual location of the liver and lungs in the body’s organs.

The liver is the main blood, the main soul, the master plan.

The gallbladder is for this table, the liver is the main vent, the main ribs, open to the eye.

The distribution of blood volume in the liver and blood stasis plays a regulatory role.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?

Su Wen said: “The essence of the human body is all in the air.

“And said: “The soul is in the eyes, looking at the eyes; the night is in the liver, the liver and the dream.”
“Su asked?

The theory of the five internal organs said: “The blood can be seen and can be taken by the blood. The palm can receive the blood and can be taken by the blood.
“The lungs are the main gas, the division is breathing, the main declaration, the descending, the outer fur, the water channel.

The large intestine is its surface, the lung is a gas exchange place, and the human body absorbs the natural breeze through the lungs, exhaling the body’s turbidity, and constantly vomiting the new.

“Nei Jing” said: “The liver is the owner of the spleen, and the lung is the owner of the liver.

“The liver is blood, and the lungs are qi.”

Blood is with the air, and blood is the material basis of the activity of the mind.

Therefore, there is a saying that “God is a qi and blood”.

With full of qi and blood, you can be clear and energetic.

According to the above theory of Chinese medicine and the idea of “harmony between man and nature”, this part of the exercises takes a pair of rotations to regulate the balance of the liver and lungs. At the same time, through the action of “such as shooting”, the two eyes are aimed at the palm.The Laogong Cave, the intentional arrow from the Lao Palace, pierced the sculpture of the distant side.

Intention to the gas, gas to the blood, blood to the strength, you can Shugan eyesight, spread the lungs and promote the body’s blood flow.

1.The left foot took a big step to the left, the double fists turned to the palm, and the palms were opposite.

2.The arms are straight to the left and straight to the shoulder.

The double fists are changed to the palms, the palms are opposite, and they are constantly moving upwards, to the right, and rotating downwards two times.

Slightly stop in front of the front of the abdomen, the two palms change the fist relative to the umbilicus, and the right fist changes to the chest and the palm to the left.

4.The lower right half of the right lower breast is pushed to the lower right through the right knee and is pushed to the right front and upper, forming the lateral palm, extending the palm, and the shoulder is the same height, such as opening the bow; at the same time, the left leg bends the knee into the left rear lunge, and the upper body falls.On the leg.

Then, the left fist mentioned the right arm and the fist heart inward.

5.If you pull the string, pull it to the left arm (fist, shoulder height) and stop.

Concentrate on the eyes, look at the right hand Laogong point, the intentional arrow from the labor palace to shoot the distant carving.


6.Taekwondo, to recycle.

Then the right bow shoots the eagle, the action is the same as before, and the direction is opposite.

The fifth part looked back and went to the heart and mind: “The pipe?

“Heartly” said: “The heart is in the body, the position of the king is also the position of the nine, the official points are also.

“The heart of the gods, the main blood, its surface is the small intestine.

“The Lord is clear, the Lord is unclear, and the twelve officials are in danger.”

“The heart, the Lord of the internal organs, the spirit of the Lord also. The heart is hurt, then God goes, God goes to death.”

“The most important part of the heart is visible in the human body.”

The heart is sick and the most difficult to treat.

Therefore, after the three cokes and the four internal organs get exercise, the most important and most difficult to cure “monarch” can be exercised.

Heart, qi, and God are one with each other.

Most of the heart disease comes from too much desire. This means that “there is a desire to calm down, and the heart is clear and self-clear.”

“So, the practice of sorrow and heart disease is to use “God to look back”.

God light has both the nature of both spiritual and energy states.

Now that the two eyes look back, you can put a heart in one place, remove the distracting thoughts, and achieve peace of mind; and, when the two eyes look back, use the intention to return, scan the back body and the foot and kidney points, so that the kidney water rises, the heartThe kidneys intersect, nourish the physiology, regulate the balance of the mind and body, and the heart disease gradually disappears.

1, the left foot took a big step to the left, and the fists were lifted to the left rib.

2, the left fist changes to the palm, lifted up to the left, the right fist flattened, palm up, raised to the left breast, palm, palm down.

3, the left palm fingertips gradually downward, inserted into the left and right heel direction; while the left palm is inserted, the right palm is pushed down, and the left foot is pushed to the left front and the top is semi-circular (higher than the head);At the same time, the body turns to the left, leans forward, bends the left leg into the left lunge, and the two hands form a diagonal line; while turning the head backwards, the eye looks at the right heel from the left shoulder.

4, the two arms rotate, make a fist.
5, retracted to the left waist, the two fists are opposite, the fist heart is upward; at the same time, the left leg is straight.

The fists moved to the front of the abdomen and the body turned back.

The sixth part of the five-in-law and seven-injury squandered afterwards: Some people inevitably have “five labors” in their daily lives, and “seven injuries” occur.
Labor means excessive fatigue.

Whether it is vision, lying, sitting, standing, walking; or heart, mind, thinking, worry, fatigue; or liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney all overworked.

They are all called “five labors.”

“Seven emotions” are joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, and shock.

“I like sadness, anger and hurt the liver, sadness and grief, hurt the lungs, think of hurting the spleen, panic and hurt the kidney, it is for “seven injuries.”

Through the previous exercises, the three-fog, the five internal organs, the hands and feet, and the head and body have all been exercised, and the functions have been enhanced. There are also some “five labors” and “seven injuries” potential diseases, and they use “backward”.The method of sweeping it out with the light of God.

The third chapter of Lu Zu’s “Taiyi Jinhua Integration” said: “The essence of human beings is focused on the eyes.

“The eye is in the heart, and the heart is coming to the heart;

“Where the eyes go, the mind will follow; where the mind goes, the gas will follow.”

“And sweeping the sky clouds,” five labors and seven injuries are like clouds.

The heat generated by Shenguang gradually dissipated; at the same time, when the right side turns left and right, slowly and easily turns to the back, it will unintentionally make the cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and other parts of the vertebral body move.It turns out that there are some deformations, the dislocations are recovered, and the corresponding acupoints along the various organs of the spine are simultaneously subjected to light and gas combing to control the disease.

1, the double fists change palms, the palms inward, the five fingers stretched out, the middle fingers are opposite, the left and right hands are simultaneously pulled to the left and right sides to the Laogong point on the side of the body until, stop.

2, then, the left and right hands are simultaneously closed to the umbilicus, the fingers of the hands cross each other, the thumb and thumb, the little finger and the little fingertips press.

3, palm up, palm up slightly upwards, along the chest line to the middle of the person (the upper lip pit in the middle of the pile) stop.

Turn your palms, palm down, and press straight down the chest line until the arms are straight. Keep your arms close to your body and stop.

4, the whole body is relaxed, the eyelids are drooping, looking at the tip of the nose, the eyes are the sun and the moon, for the searchlight, to the body slightly inside.

5, then, the head slowly turns to the left, internal view, to the left shoulder, stop, continue to turn back, eyes turn around, slowly patrol, inner view left body and spine.

6, the head slowly rotates to the chest, internal view.

The head is slowly turning to the right, inside, to the shoulders, and stops.

Continue to turn back, inside the right side of the body and the vertebrae.

7, when the internal vision of the body and the internal organs of the internal organs, the diseased parts, you should see more time.

At the end, turn the right side back to the midline of the chest. After a short pause, slowly open the eyes, turn the palms, palm up, lift to the umbilicus, turn the palms to the palms, and return to Dantian.

Separate the hands, make a fist, palm up, relative to the umbilicus.

The seven phoenixes of the arms spread their wings and their strengths: the body rotates and the waist bends to drive the human body. During the process of bending to the left and right, the limbs and the whole body bones, meridians and muscles are made to have a rhythmic relaxation movement.

Promote the smooth flow of blood and limbs, greatly enhance the vitality of the body.

1. The left foot takes a big step to the left.

2, double fists change palms, palms are opposite.

The arms are straight to the left and straight to the shoulder, and the shoulders are upwards, rightward, and downward.

Draw two more circles in the same way.

3, when the third circle, when the hands reach the top of the head, go to the right and left and left.

4, the body is right, with the left side of the waist, bend over, finger point to the right toe.

5, the body is right, with the left side of the waist, bend over, finger point to the right toe.

Straight waist, lift your left hand back, bend over, and point your right toe with your left finger.

So connect up and down three times.

6, the wings are combined once and repeated, repeated many times.

When the end of the work, the two hands to the left, up, down to the right to a circle to the lower abdomen, the two palms into a fist, fist heart upwards, relatively close to the umbilicus, replace the left foot.

The eighth part of the two-footed drink is addictive: the “drink” here refers to the disease caused by eating and drinking.
“Addiction” refers to some abnormal hobbies and bad habits, such as smoking addiction, alcohol addiction and so on.

The whole body is naturally loose, the two feet are close to each other, the two arms are hanging close to the body, the hands are three yin, the hands of the three yang have been stretched, the whole body is tightened with internal strength, and the heels of the two legs are lifted straight, (ie the foot three yin, foot)The Sanyang meridian is tight and the body is lifted and lowered, and the rhythmic up and down movements are made, so that the meridians, bones, and joints of the whole body are adjusted and relaxed, and the loose tendons are removed, and the eating block and bad habits are eliminated.Will open up a positive role.

1, the same as the sixth part of the “five labors and seven injuries to the back of the squat” “clamping the arm to fix the gods”.
2, the two feet together, the two heels slowly lifted, and then gently shake down, a total of five times.

The first two lifts are higher, the speed is slower, and the separation is longer; the last three times overlap, the speed is faster, and the interval is longer.

Its melody is “1-2-3, 4, 5”.

3. Boost five times for segmentation and at least five sessions.

Finally, the two feet are separated, shoulder width, palm, palm up, and lifted up to the umbilicus.

If you don’t receive your work, you won’t be able to get together. Therefore, you must pay for it.

The method is: 1, the two hands are separated, the fingertips are up, the fingers are facing each other, and the umbilical is inserted.

Two hands to the fingertips to the “Tiantu points” (the middle of the upper sternum), stop.

2, the top of the tongue, when you pick up the hand, the intention of the gas from the “air sea” (the next half of the navel) along the chest, through the tongue “Indian” (two brows in the middle of the line) to “Baihui”After the back of the brain, down to the “Jade Pillow”.

(The upper edge of the occipital trochanter is depressed) This can develop wisdom.

3, the two hands are divided into left and right, left and right, and the palm (inward of the palm) is inserted into the outer side of the breast. At the same time, the intentional gas is diverted from the jade pillow along the cervical vertebra to the left and the right shoulder.

4, both hands continue down the two ribs to the thighs.

When you tilt your hands, you want to go up and down, the air inside and outside is like a shower, until the Yongquan point.

(In the middle of the sole of the foot) When the foot has a sense of gas, the fingers and the whole body are naturally relaxed, and then quiet, naturally aligned for a moment, that is, the completion of the work.

Postscript: For Taoist culture, what are you most interested in, welcome to communicate with Laoyang.

Acupoint health|toxicity is not concentrated, migraine, tooth pain according to the hanging skull point, clearing away heat and dispelling wind and collaterals

Acupoint health|toxicity is not concentrated, migraine, tooth pain according to the hanging skull point, clearing away heat and dispelling wind and collaterals

First, the hanging cranial acupoints are named hanging and hanging.

The skull, the ancient finger bone, the blood in this finger is cold and wet.

The skull name means that the gas of the biliary tract is absorbed by the water after it is dissipated.

The material of this point is the warm atmosphere from the 颔 颔 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Second, the effect of clearing away heat and dispelling wind, Tongluo swelling.

Third, attending conditioning energy is not concentrated, migraine, face swelling, eye pain, toothache and so on.

Fourth, the position is located on the head of the hair, and the head point is at the midpoint of the curved line connecting the Qufu point.


Fifth, the health massage will insert the middle finger into the hanging cranial cavity and gently press it, 1 time each morning and evening, 1 time each time?
3 minutes.

Six, compatibility acupoint headache | compatibility points: Quchi points, Hegu points, suspending the skull migraine | compatibility points: 颔 颔 points, hanging skull points, Fengchi points, Waiguan points outside the pain | compatibility points: silk bambooAcupoints, temples, hanging skull points, wind pool points swollen | compatibility points: people in the hole, hanging skull point source source map insect 91 health assistant, not only health welcome to pay attention to the “91 health assistant” content more learning reference, ifYou need to solve specific problems, and you are advised to consult a professional medical institution in detail.

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Elderly angina pectoris, how to care every day

Elderly angina pectoris, how to care every day

Key point 1: In daily life, patients with angina should pay attention to rest. Usually, patients should pay attention to work and rest to ensure adequate sleep.

Point 2: Patients with angina should pay attention to tempering sexual intercourse, especially during emergencies, so as to avoid accidents caused by excessive excitement and even life-threatening.

Point 3: In life, patients with angina should pay attention to the open mind and everything.

Don’t be a little thing, but be tempted to maintain a good mood and mentality.

Point 4: Patients with angina should pay attention to diet, do not eat meat every day, should eat less snacks, diet food, try to control sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more fish, drink milk.

Point 5: Smokers are 2 times more likely to have myocardial infarction and sudden death than nonsmokers.

It can be seen that smoking is inevitable for patients with high blood pressure. Therefore, smoking cessation is unquestionable.

Point 6: Adhere to proper physical exercise. The severity of heart disease far exceeds the damage. At the same time, the movement of patients with angina pectoris should be carried out according to their specific conditions.

Massage to soothe the head skin

Massage to soothe the head skin

The gentle magic from both hands will give a soothing care to the sensitive and afflicted head skin.

  In the morning and evening bathing, at the most sleepy 15:15, when you are eager to relieve the sensitive scalp, do a soothing massage, just a simple gentle press, you will be more soothing and relaxing than ever.

  Soothing Massage STEP 1: Close your fingers, gently press your fingertips on the temple, and circle it 6 times in a clockwise direction; then, circle 6 times in a counterclockwise direction.

  Soothing Massage STEP 2: Place your hands on your forehead to separate the neat fingers and insert them from the midline of the eyebrow.

The route of penetration is: eyebrow (in the field of reflexology, this part is the pressure point of the cervical vertebra) → the midline of the forehead (lymphatic system) → the midline of the head (the pituitary gland) → 10 times in the Baihui point (the center of the head, in charge of body water) → finally shake the wind pool hole 10 (after the pillow, the depression).

  Soothing Massage STEP 3: Place your hands on your forehead to separate the neat fingers and gently shift from the midline of the eyebrow to the top of the eye until you reach the temple.

Repeat this action 6 times.

  Soothing Massage STEP 4: Using your fingers and fingers, start from the back of the occipital occipital bone, massage the scalp with a light and deep upward spiral motion, and gradually go up until the entire scalp is massaged.

The number of massages is not limited, as long as you feel that the scalp has been relaxed.

  Soothing Massage STEP 5: Cover both ears with your hands, put your fingers behind your head, try to close your fingers with both hands, then use your four fingers to hit the back of your head like a piano, and count 36 times.

  Soothing Massage STEP 6: Then, insert your fingers into your hair, try to stick to the scalp, then forcefully close the palm of your hand and pull the hair.

Continue this action until the entire scalp has been pulled over.

  Soothing Massage STEP 7: Finally, be a “comb” action.

The method is to bend the hands and fingers slightly, and comb the hair to the back of the head from the forehead hair, while combing the hair while rubbing the scalp.

Repeat this action at least 10 times.