[Chestnut Sugar Content]_Action_Benefits

[Chestnut Sugar Content]_Action_Benefits

Chestnut is a nut with relatively high nutritional value. The fat content of chestnut is not particularly high. It is indeed very different from some other nuts in this regard. The characteristic of chestnut is that the starch content is relatively high.In the human body, these starches are converted into sugar, so relatively speaking, the content of sugar in chestnut is relatively high. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Chestnut sugar content chestnut belongs to nuts, but it is not as nut oil as nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc., it has high starch.

The carbonization of dried chestnuts reached 77%, which is equivalent to 75% of grains; fresh chestnuts also have as much as 40%, which is 2% of potatoes.

4 times.

The protein content of fresh chestnut is 4%?
5%, although not as good as peanuts and walnuts, but slightly higher than cooked rice.

Nutritional value But in some ways chestnut is more nutritious than food.

Chestnuts are rich in vitamin B1 and B2. The content of vitamin B2 is at least four times that of rice. It also contains 24 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, which is unmatched by grain.

It is hard to imagine that fresh chestnuts contain more vitamin C than tomatoes that are considered to be rich in vitamin C, and more than ten times as much as apples!

Chestnuts also contain comprehensive minerals, including potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese. Although not as high as hazelnuts and seeds, they are still higher than ordinary fruits such as apples and pears, especially potassium.Outstanding, 4 times higher than apples claiming potassium.

Bright chestnuts have higher medicinal value.

Chestnut has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, strengthening the heart, and treating nausea, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, etc.

Chestnuts correct the soft precipitated fiber, and the glycemic index is lower than that of rice. As long as no sugar is added to the processing and casting, people with diabetes can taste it in moderation.

Although the nutritional health value of chestnuts is very high, it also needs to be eaten properly.

Chestnuts cannot be eaten in large quantities at one time. If you eat too many chestnuts, it will easily bulge. You only need to eat 6 a day?
7 capsules, you can achieve good nourishing effect if you stick it.

Dr. Fan also suggested that it is better to treat chestnuts as snacks between meals or to eat them in meals rather than eating them in large quantities after meals.

This is because chestnuts contain starch for decomposition, and it is easy to overcome excessive transformation after eating, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

Dr. Fan reminded consumers not to blindly pursue the white or golden color of the flesh when purchasing chestnuts.

The golden-colored flesh may be chestnuts that have been chemically treated. On the contrary, if there is browning in the meat after cooking or after cooking, it is caused by the “browning reaction” of the enzymes contained in chestnuts.No harm.

[Practice melon fried chicken Daquan _ _ how to make production methods

[Practice melon fried chicken Daquan _ _ how to make production methods

Melon fried chicken in the usual practice, I believe we should have eaten it, mainly because the chicken is fried melon Qingre and diuretic, so in the summer time is more suitable for human consumption.

However melon fried chicken approach is very simple, as long as the melon, peeled and cut, and then put into the pot with the chicken simmer it, then add spices ready to eat, the following steps may learn specific practices.

First, the chicken fried melon approach Daquan ingredients: 150 g melon, chicken 2, the green peppers, three ginger, onion 2, a star anise, dried red peppers 2, 2 teaspoons oil, salt, a small amount of sauce, pepper flour, 1 teaspoon sugar.

Step practice: 1, melon, peeled, washed, cut knife, chicken chops.

2, boil hot, blasting ginger, melon into the pan slightly fried for a while.

3, pot add sugar and stir fry quickly over oil.

4, when poured into a chicken stir fry color fast drawing; continue to stir fry anise was added, water was added in the soup, and simmer for 5 minutes.

5, poured into the melon, salt, pepper, sauce, add a little water, burn for 3 minutes.

6, add green peppers, seasoning.

Second, melon balls material chicken: chicken breast one, half-melon, red pepper half, half bacon pieces, salt, chicken, white pepper, cooking wine, cornstarch practice: 1.

Melon clean after excavation is dug into a circular ball spare (remaining irregular melon can spoil the broth), red pepper sheet, shredded chicken breast, bacon chopped 2 end.

Chicken breast transferred amount of white pepper, cooking wine, cornstarch, salt, chicken grasping uniform (when caught best feel sticky); turn on the water after the pot boil, add the peppers cooked fish standby melon; re-boil water, marinated chicken pieces into rapid boil designated casual with chopsticks 3 mature fish.

The cooked chicken pieces on a plate, put around melon pills and red pepper; pan put into the oil pan after a little bacon flavor Stir transferred large bowl with water and salt chicken starch, after cooking fragrantgood hook gravy poured over the chicken soup tablets.

[Red ginseng and what phase grams]_ food taboo _ precautions

[Red ginseng and what phase grams]_ food taboo _ precautions

In fact, there are still a lot of precautions when taking red ginseng tonic, but many people are not so clear. In this case, some problems will occur in the body during the nourishment process.In fact, it is best not to take other Chinese medicinal herbs during the taking process of red ginseng, otherwise it will cause some medicinal effects.

2. Steaming service: Cut red ginseng into about 2 cm thin slices, put it into a porcelain bowl, fill it with water, seal the bowl mouth, and steam it in a pot for 30 minutes.

3, red tea: cut red ginseng or dried ginseng into thin slices, put it in a bowl or cup, brew with boiling water, cover for 5 minutes before taking.

4, porridge: cut red ginseng into thin dices, put some porridge at breakfast, Dabu.

5. Chewing: Cut red ginseng into thin diced slices, take 2?
3 tablets are chewed in the mouth, refreshing, refreshing, and delicious. It is the easiest way to take them.

6. Milling powder: Ginseng is ground into fine powder and swallowed daily. The dosage depends on the individual’s physical fitness, usually 1-1 each time.

5 Red ginseng has its unique role: 1, red ginseng has great vitality, nourishing blood, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

2. Red ginseng can regulate the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, promote the metabolism of the body’s substances and the synthesis of proteins, RNA and DNA.

3, red ginseng can improve the brain, physical activity and immune function, enhance, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-radiation, Yixin Fumai, soothe the nerves, replenish the lungs and strengthen the spleen.

4. Red ginseng can be used for physical depletion, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration, mental fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea, asthma due to asthma or chronic cough, thirst, thirst, insomnia, dreams, impotence, frequent urination,All qi, blood and fluid deficiency symptoms.

5. Red ginseng has certain effects on hypertension and atherosclerosis, liver disease, diabetes, anemia, tumors and senile diseases.

6. Red ginseng also plays a role in treating impotence, nocturnal emission, urinary anemia and enuresis.

7, red ginseng can treat spleen and kidney deficiency, Zhenyang weakness, insufficient gas, limbs undertemperature, spontaneous sweating.

It should also be noted that the temperature of red ginseng is often aggravated by the regulations of human body heat, so similar symptoms of “getting angry” may occur during taking, but as long as you stop taking it in time, the above symptoms will disappear.

If you are weak, you need to accept red ginseng. To prevent mistakes, you can take 7 days and stop using for 2 days.

[Is longan longan longan]_No difference_Difference

[Is longan longan longan]_No difference_Difference

Longan and longan are actually two states of the same fruit. Fresh fruit is called longan, and after drying, it becomes dried fruit, which is longan.

The composition of this fruit is the same, but the effect is different between fresh and dried.

Longan is not easy to store because it is fresh. After drying, longan can be stored continuously and there are many ways to eat it.

There is no difference between longan and longan, because the word refers to the same item. Besides longan and longan, it is also called puzzle.

Longan is a fruit that we can buy everyday. It is fresh and can be eaten directly. The flesh is smooth and juicy. It is sweet and sweet.

Longan is dried in the longan season, without the fresh and juicy taste of longan, but the taste is more sweet.

The difference between longan and longan Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose and protein, and also has a relatively high iron content. It can increase heat energy and supplement nutrition while promoting the regeneration of hemoglobin, thereby achieving the effect of nourishing blood.

Studies have found that, in addition to its beneficial effects on the whole body, longan meat is particularly effective on brain cells, enhancing memory and eliminating fatigue.

Longan contains a variety of nutrients, has the effect of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, strengthening the brain and nourishing, and nourishing the heart and spleen.

It can treat anemia and dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, and even mental disorders caused by lack of nicotinic acid. It also has a certain inhibitory effect on carbohydrates.

Nourishing Qi and Enriching Blood, Enhancing Memory People who have eaten longan will definitely say that it is delicious and sweet. This is rich in glucose, sucrose, iron and protein.

Consuming it can improve the vitality of the body and solve the dizziness caused by hunger.

Studies have found that longan has the function of enhancing memory.

Longan tastes better, but because it is not easy to store, it cannot be eaten all the time. It can only be eaten during the longan season.

And longan is easy to store, can be eaten all year round, and there are many ways to eat, both vegetable and medicinal, and powerful.

How to use longan longan Red dates tea material: dried red dates, longan meat.

Seasoning: rock sugar, honey, water.

Method 1: After washing the red dates, cut them in half with a knife, remove the dates, and dry the dried longan to remove the shells and cores.

2. Add red dates, longan and rock sugar to the soup pot and add water. After the high heat is boiled, change to a low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes until the water is dry.Turn into jujube mud and dry the precipitated water at the same time.

3. Let the cooked jujube cool, pour it into the honey and mix well; put it in a clean glass bottle and seal it; when it is placed, take about 10 grams and pour it into warm boiling water and mix well.

High-heeled shoes are worn alternately, healthy and beautiful

High-heeled shoes are worn alternately, healthy and beautiful

In the midsummer, various high-heeled sandals are on the streets, forming a beautiful landscape.

However, while the majority of female friends love beauty, they have to face a problem. Wearing high heels for a long time will affect health.

Conducted, Beijing University of Physical Education professor of sports medicine, doctoral tutor Wang Anli suggested that female friends should change their high heels and sneakers from time to time, so that not only can protect the arch, but also exercise the calf muscles.

  Wearing high heels, there will be no more activity activities on the feet. In the long run, the calf muscles will eventually become shorter because they are often in a state of tension.

  If the heel is too high, the body will lean forward. When walking, all the center of gravity will be concentrated on the forefoot. The arch can not naturally contract. It may be deformed after a long time.

The toe fracture is at the tip of the toe, and the local blood circulation is not smooth, which is also likely to affect the health of the bone.

  Above, flat-bottomed sneakers ensure that when we walk, the whole foot is on the ground, and the laces firmly bind the soles of the feet, and the bones and muscles of the feet are in a relatively relaxed state, which does not decrease during the activity.It’s not easy to feel tired after a long time.

  ”When wearing high heels, if you feel sore or uncomfortable in your legs, it is best to change your shoes for a few days.

Wang Anli said that the high-heeled shoes and the sneakers are worn alternately, so that the calf muscles that have been in a state of tension for a long time can be relaxed in time.

White-collar women need to wear high-heeled shoes when they are in the company because of work requirements. It is best to change shoes and go on the road when they go to work; or after walking for a half hour to an hour after dinner, this has a good relaxation effect on the calf muscles.

Pop law teaches you the correct breast

Pop law teaches you the correct breast

Don’t miss the good time when you are pregnant. The two popular rules tell you how to do it is the most correct and effective. Fast, don’t hesitate to study with us.

  First, the “hand” beauty chest method Taiwan’s first beauty Xiao Yu has publicly told the media that the best way to keep your chest perfect is massage.

Whether it is a massage or a sport, it is inseparable from one hand.

Then start a “hands-on” breast enhancement exercise!

  Breast movement program action one: bend forward, back straight, hands on the lap, upper body try to move forward, contract the abdomen, level the vertebrae, repeat 20 times.

  Action 2: Straighten the radial direction, gradually apply the force backwards, and keep the end straight, then recover. After repeating 10 times, once it is adapted, it can be done 20 times a day.

  Action 3: Standing in a place with fresh air, holding the back of the head with both hands, the body turns 90 degrees to the left and right, and makes 30 consecutive times.

  Breast massage program TIPS: With the following acupuncture points for finger pressure, perform essential oil massage, each time for 5 seconds, 5-6 rounds at a time, completely magical effect.

  Middle point: The center point on the parallel line of the skull, facing the position on the sternum.

  Milk root point: The center point of the breast is down, just below the root of the breast, one side.

  Tianxi Point: Located on the extension line of the nipple, open the tiger’s mouth of the hand, hold the four fingers of the breast, and the thumb is facing the two sides of the breast (the fourth and fifth intercostal spaces) is the Tianxi point.

  When performing the above, stagger the cold water spray massage at the same time. The better the ice, the more effective the breast is. It is best to massage the cold water for 5 minutes.

  Second, the “mouth” beauty chest “eat” is a very simple and effective breast method. If you want to have a beautiful skirt, you must always eat foods rich in calories necessary for the body.


Avoid dieting and losing weight: If you want to have a full and straight ass, you must ensure redundant nutrition, and do not advocate blind dieting to lose weight.


Protein is important: the protein, vitamins and trace elements in the diet can promote the normal development of the breast.


Eat more legumes: Beans Because the coating part of plant seeds has the effect of promoting the development of the gland, soy, soy, peanuts, or protein-rich almonds, walnuts, sesame, etc., are good breast foods.


Extraordinary to supplement zinc: Because zinc is an important element to promote human growth and development, it is extraordinary to promote the formation of sexual characteristics, the formation of sexual function.


A variety of vitamins are indispensable: vitamins are an important nutrient for beautifying the skin, so it should be harvested in the diet.

  Vitamin C: Grapes, grapefruit, etc., to prevent free radical deformation.

  Vitamin E: celery, walnuts, etc., help dark development.

  Vitamin A: broccoli and sunflower oil, etc., is beneficial for hormone secretion.

  Vitamin B: beef, milk and pig liver, etc., help to synthesize hormones.

Get up early in the sun to lose weight?

Get up early in the sun to lose weight?

do you know?

Just like the growth of plants can not be completely sunny, people who want to lose weight can not do without the sun!

Two people who are the same in their own material, if one of them often can’t “bath” the morning sun, it is easy to become a little fat man!

  The sun shines in the morning because the human cells contain a protein called BMAL1″, which binds to DNA and produces a “time gene,” which is a key factor in controlling the body’s biological clock.

  This protein will increase at night, and it will decrease when the body is bathed in the morning sun. If you don’t get the sun in the morning, the protein that quietly increases in the evening will accumulate in your body cells, and they are extremely easy.Save 姨.

Over time, your biological clock is used to bed in the morning, and the body will have a lot more “squatting warehouses”. It is difficult to think of fat!

  It seems that getting up early in the sun, not only a good habit of life, but also help you maintain a slim body.

  Intuition is that the “button” rebound of eating is the biggest enemy of slimming, but as long as the food is current, you can’t help but eat a big meal, and then go home and depressed.

Now that you have a brand new way to lose weight, you can stop the pouting and you don’t need to blame yourself. You can enjoy the delicious taste and see the numbers on the scale down.

Is there such a good way?


But you have to keep in mind the most crucial point: you can only eat when you are hungry; stop as soon as you feel hungry!

  The mystery of this weight loss method lies in people’s psychology.

People in today’s society eat it when they are sorrowful and sorrowful. When others eat, they eat it themselves. When they are full, they will eat food when they are full. When they are determined to lose weight, they will continue to control their diet.

This is very easy to rebound and self-destruction.

The superiority of the “intuition” weight loss method is that under the alternative of “Hungry to eat, not hungry or not to eat” rules can not be changed, you do not have to worry about “can not eat, can not eat”, as long as you feel intuitivelyIf you are hungry, you can eat any food, and you can stop eating chopsticks if you are not hungry.

In this way, the psychological burden is reduced, and weight loss naturally becomes easier.

  If you have barely tried to do naked exercises at home?

This is the most popular trend in slimming circles now!

Take a look at the weight-loss experts listed for us to lose weight 5 weights: Hypothetical reasons: when the metabolic rate is at least rapid, the body surface temperature changes faster than the “dressing movement”: in a warm environment, the body temperature rises quicklyThe blood circulation is accelerated and the rate of metabolism is promoted.

  When the movement is more standard nude, especially when the nude is facing the mirror, most people will consciously remind themselves to chest, abdomen, and raise the head. One of the functions of weight-loss clothing is to “shadow” our body.”Short, don’t use it to deceive yourself.

When we are naked, we can find that our parts are fatter and can be accurately observed and grasped during exercise.

  Healthier without clothes, smoother perspiration, and more free breathing of the skin.

  The weight loss excitement index is higher. The naked person has a higher degree of love for the body, and the weight loss consciousness is stronger, and it is easier to absorb energy.

Relieve the elderly’s old cold legs_1

Relieve the “old cold legs” of the elderly

Although the “old cold legs” with the word “old”, it is not the patent of the elderly.
Some young women like to wear short skirts in winter, and may also attract “old cold legs”, so experts remind the female friends of the United States, do not provoke the disease for the moment of beauty.
  Zhou Diange, deputy director of the Department of Orthopaedics, Peking University People’s Hospital, said that the “old cold legs” are the lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans that occur or worsen with temperature drop, cold, damp, cold weather, vasoconstriction,It can also lead to the aggravation of the original lesions. Therefore, patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis often have symptoms worsening in the winter. In the early stage, they often show cold, numbness, and leg muscle spasm, commonly known as “cramps”. Because these early symptoms are not typical,Therefore, it is often mistaken for calcium deficiency or lumbar spondylosis in the elderly.
  In order to alleviate the “old cold legs”, you must first drive the cold.
Zhou Diange suggested that the elderly should use hot water to soak their feet in the winter, and ensure that the blood circulation and activities of the joints are free, and the hot compress will make the joints circulate poorly, swell and edema, which is not conducive to the treatment of “old cold legs”.When the “old cold legs” are onset, do not use hot compresses for treatment.
  In addition, moderate physical exercise can also alleviate and prevent the “old cold legs.”
However, because the main symptoms of the “old cold legs” are mostly knee pain, many people aim the exercise target only at the knee joint, and often use the half-bow posture for the knee joint before and after shaking, trying to achieve the purpose of exercise and pain relief.
Zhou Diange pointed out that it is unscientific to do so, because the pressure on the cheekbones is the most stressful, and the shaking increases the wear and tear, causing the arthritis to be aggravated. The elderly can fight tai chi, jogging and gymnastics to alleviate the old.Cold legs.

New mother busy after birth

New mother busy after birth

In the summer, sweating aerobics, training equipment is not a patent for young girls.

At present, more and more new mothers in Shanghai have become frequent visitors to the fitness center.

After 3 months of exercise, the maternal excess body that participated in the fitness returned to a well-proportioned, body-building girlhood.

  When the new mother walked into the gym and saw Miss Zhang in the gym, she could not see that she was a new mother who had just “produced”.

Miss Zhang is happy, this is the result of fitness.

After 6 months of the baby, she was a few pounds better than the original, and the clothes of the girl could not be worn.

In a hurry, Miss Zhang began to eat diet pills, and took a course of treatment, people are thin, but as long as the day is hot, they can’t move.

Under the introduction of a friend, she went to the gym last month to go to the gym. At the beginning, she only had adaptive training on the running machine, and then she started to play aerobics.

Miss Zhang feels that the consumption of adults is significantly faster.

In just one month, the muscles are tight and the body is much more fit.

She said that although it is sometimes a bit boring to feel that aerobics is exercised, exercise is good for postpartum recovery and she will stick to it.

  As the postpartum weight increased by nearly 10 pounds, the waist, the chest has more excess meat, Miss Hou of the military network work thought of solving this trouble through fitness.

After the child is weaned, Miss Hou, who likes to exercise, goes to the fitness center with her husband every week, doing 120 sit-ups, running for 20 minutes, plus other equipment exercises, for 3 months, “I feel减肥效果非常好,因为体重不仅恢复到‘生产’前的模样,体型也很健康。Miss Hou said that it is not new to go to the fitness center to lose weight after birth.

It costs a few hundred dollars in three months. Compared with fat, it takes less money and costs more health benefits.

  Postpartum recovery should not be too hasty to reduce the body often make new mothers eager to lose weight after childbirth, the experts pointed out: In fact, this is not suitable for the health of the mother and baby.

  Dr. Gu, deputy director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Renai Hospital, said that the maternal puerperium is a normal physiological recovery period. Due to multiple weaknesses, it is recommended that the mother should start exercising at least three months after delivery.

In the diet, encourage the mother to try to make up.

Soup-containing foods, such as protein beef, fish, and other foods containing iron and vitamins, are essential for mothers and babies.

However, eating and drinking after the birth does not bring new mothers to fully supplement the nutrition, the new mother can eat according to their own appetite.

  Dr. Gu, who has had more than 20 years of clinical experience, said that postpartum activities are a gradual process: usually half an hour after childbirth, the mother can start to get out of bed under the help of her family; after 3 to 4 hours of adequate sleep, the mother can get up.Walk around at a close distance and change the diaper for your child. After one week, the mother can start doing exercises according to her own situation to move her limbs and speed up blood circulation.

Therefore, participating in the physical exercise, Dr. Gu suggested that the time should not be too late.

At least three months later.

It is best after weaning.

  The new mother’s fitness after three months is best. According to the doctor’s advice, the best period for maternal postpartum recovery is three months after delivery, but the mother who is still breastfeeding does not have to worry, the fitness after weaning is for the mother and baby.Health is good.

  Senior fitness instructors also said that the best period for maternal recovery is three months after delivery, but the mother should start normal training after weaning.

Because the mother is weak during the lunar period, especially for the caesarean section, the wound needs a long time to recover, so the movement is not advocated.

  However, a mother who is breastfeeding can perform simple and moderate exercise every day for about half an hour, which is good for postpartum recovery.

  There are several ways to choose a new mother to choose from: one is the creping exercise, used to collect the calf, the muscles of the legs, can be done 90 times a day, divided into 3 groups.

  One is to turn shoulder movement, holding a large towel in both hands and flipping it back and forth, and adjusting according to the flexibility of the arm.

  A leg lift that is used to close the abdominal muscles.

The mother can lie flat on the bed, her legs bent upwards by 90 degrees, 10 to 20 groups, 2 to 3 times a day.

  A side-waist movement, on the side of the maternal bed, with both hands clasping the head and contracting the psoas.

  There is also a sit-up, 90 degrees upper body, contracting the muscles of the upper abdomen.

  For maternal fitness after weaning, various aerobic, strength training or yoga, dance and other sports can be carried out, but the mother can not be anxious, the amount of exercise should be gradual.

It is best to be your own.

For example, when a new mother who is about 30 years old has a heart rate of 125 when exercising, cockroaches are the easiest to consume.

In general, during the training, the fitness instructor evaluates the new mother’s guidance. First, it is necessary to undergo adaptive training before starting to increase the amount of exercise. The first month is very effective, the muscles are tight, and the second month is the balance period.In the third month, the mother can achieve the desired goal.The figure is restored.

These postures affect sleep quality

These postures affect sleep quality

If you like to sleep on your back, you can sleep in a deep sleep. People who are in this sleeping position are usually very tired, or have drunkenness and are in deep sleep.

At this time, the sleeper’s hands will be unconsciously placed on the chest.

  TCM flower protection: During sleep, the part facing the middle opening is facing upwards, while the gas and body fluids are going down.

For example, when you are asleep, it is easy to cause snoring or coughing due to the falling of the face to the upper tongue or the flow of saliva into the trachea. It is not conducive to the operation of the lungs and blood, thus affecting the function of the lungs, so when you sleep, you have to turn over and change sleep.posture.

  If you like to sleep and sleep in a sketch: squatting like a baby, this is a very good posture for people who are drooling during sleep.

However, if your chest is flat on the bed, a slightly boring situation may occur.

  TCM flower protection: The biggest drawback of sleeping is the pressure on the heart.

If the time is too long, or the pressure is too heavy due to excessive reasons, it may affect the operation of the whole body, blood, discomfort, difficulty breathing.

Chinese medicine says that heart failure is caused by lack of gas, so you should first ensure that you have a good breathing state during sleep.

If you feel awkward when you are asleep, you can take a high pillow when you sleep, to ensure that your heart is smooth.