[The practice and effect of milk pigeon porridge]_how to do_set

[The practice and effect of milk pigeon porridge]_how to do_set

Many people like to eat pigeons very much. They also know that although the pigeons are small, they taste very delicious. There are many types of pigeons that can be made, such as roasted pigeons, fried pigeons, and cooked pigeon soup.There is suckling pigeon meat, which is very suitable for children and the elderly, and adults usually drink a cup of hot porridge, which is also a very good choice. You need to pay attention when making porridge. The method is very important.

Ingredients: 150 grams of glutinous rice and 1200 grams of young pigeons. Seasoning: green onion 6 grams of ginger 4 grams of salt 2 grams of MSG 2 grams of cooking wine 10 grams

Wash the glutinous rice, soak it in cold water for two or three hours, remove, and drain the water 2.

Rinse the clean young pigeons, add them to the boiling water pot and remove 3.

Wash the shallots and ginger and cut them into sections. Reserve 4 pieces in a pot and put them in cold water, suckling pigeons, add onion sections, ginger slices, cooking wine, first boil with high heat 5 and then use low heat to cook until the soup is rotten.After the baby pigeons are picked, the onion section is picked. Ginger slices 7 are added to glutinous rice. After boiling over high heat, change to low heat and continue to cook until the porridge becomes 8.

Remove the chicken and shred it, then add it to the porridge, adjust the taste with salt and MSG, and serve immediately

[What to eat with oatmeal]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[What to eat with oatmeal]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

Oatmeal is very rich in supplementary fiber, so you can choose cereal for breakfast, because eating cereal for breakfast can make the body absorb the highest nutritional value.

However, too many people think that the taste of oatmeal is very weak, and eating oatmeal alone will make people feel less delicious.

You can also add other ingredients when eating oatmeal. Oatmeal tastes better, so what ingredients can oatmeal be added with?

1, strawberry milk oatmeal effect: balsamic refreshing, vitamin supplement.

Method: Add boiling water to the instant oatmeal.

Pour in 100 ml of fresh milk (hot and cold can be determined according to personal preference), then add fresh strawberries and serve.

Such a recipe can improve the effect of vitamin supplementation, is good for promoting appetite, and has high nutrients.

2, chrysanthemum oatmeal effect: heat and fire, sweet and fragrant.

Method: Take chrysanthemum 5?
10 grams, add boiling water to brew.

Add 50 grams of instant oatmeal and mix well.

Add honey or syrup according to your preferences.

Chrysanthemum has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying and detoxifying it. It can also detoxify. It is good for nourishing the liver and eyesight, and it can also prevent wind-heat and cold.

3. Purple potato oatmeal material: 100 grams of pearl rice (Northeast rice), one purple potato, 50 grams of raw oatmeal Method: Wash the rice, then put an appropriate amount of water into the rice cooker; click the porridge button; oatmealWater, then soak with water and set aside; peel purple potatoes and prepare for use; after the porridge in the pot is boiled, pour in oatmeal and porridge and stir well, cover and continue cooking; porridge in the pot is cooked again, thenYou can add the purple potato shreds and simmer for 5 minutes.

Such a recipe can play a role in promoting appetite, it has a very good effect on promoting digestion and absorption, and it can also strengthen the body’s immunity, and supplement rich vitamins and minerals.

It is better to eat cereal with what kind of food. We need to know and understand the above methods. These recipes can promote appetite and promote metabolism. It has certain benefits for physical fitness. For the time being,Be sure to try the recipe, it works well.

[Panic when drinking coffee]_Psychological panic_Cause

[Panic when drinking coffee]_Psychological panic_Cause

A variety of coffees are common in our lives. Even in a coffee shop, you can make a cup of instant coffee at home.

Many people drink coffee mainly for its refreshing function, but not everyone is suitable for drinking coffee, and some people experience panic when they first start drinking coffee.

So what’s going on when you drink coffee?

Let’s take a look below.

Drink plenty of water to speed up your body’s cycle.

If you drink too much coffee, you should drink more plain water to dilute the concentration of coffee and speed up the gradual hydration of your body. Drinking more water will help you urinate, which will relieve your symptoms.

Divert attention.

Many people develop a habit of drinking coffee because of the pressure of work. However, after drinking a cup of coffee, they find that they are flustered, their heartbeats are fast, they feel very nervous, and they feel like they can’t breathe. Then stop the work and transfer.Attention, listen to some soothing music, and let the brain rest.

Lie down and rest.

Don’t think that drinking coffee can fight fatigue, refreshing!

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is aimed at speeding up your heartbeat, panic, and feeling like you have high blood pressure, which makes your work impossible. Therefore, after drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it is best to lie down and rest for a while, and don’t let yourself panic.

Drink coffee an hour after a meal.

For those who like to drink coffee, it is also difficult to quit the habit of drinking coffee, and the caffeine in coffee is addictive.

Therefore, for your own health, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. The best time to drink coffee is one hour after a meal and not to drink coffee before going to bed.

Dilute the coffee strength.

Lighter coffee concentration can effectively reduce the phenomenon of panic. When making coffee, add more water, put some milk and sugar, this can also effectively reduce the occurrence of panic.

Drink milk or eat cake.

If you feel panicky after drinking coffee, but it is not very serious, you can drink a cup of milk or eat a piece of cake. This can also effectively reduce the nerve stimulation of caffeine.

[Often exercising the pubic muscle can improve women’s orgasm]_Female

[Often exercising the pubic muscle can improve women’s orgasm]_Female

The sexual life of couples is usually satisfied by the simultaneous orgasm of both parties.

However, there is a common phenomenon that men have reached, but they have not seen the reflection of women’s orgasm.

Making love without orgasm, a woman’s sexual interest will decline over time, and gradually lose confidence in sex life.

So how to make women orgasm is everyone’s attention.

If you want to increase the chance of women’s orgasm, you can start with exercise.

Pubic tail muscle exercise is a more practical method.

The exercise of the pubic tail muscles improves the female orgasm. The pubic tail muscle is the PC muscle, which is a muscle group showing a band between the pubic bone and the coccyx.

The PC muscle of a man is a muscle group from the scrotum to the anus, which plays an auxiliary role in lifting the penis; if the PC muscle of a woman is a muscle group between the vagina and anus.

Regular exercise of the PC muscles can not only improve the quality of sexual life, but also definitely have an effect on sexual excitement and vaginal contraction.

It is also beneficial for the prevention of hemorrhoids, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and exercise of female urethral sphincter.

The pubic coccyx is distributed around the vaginal opening. The principle of this exercise is to obtain a woman’s orgasm through the sensitivity of the vaginal area.

It is particularly useful for women who have already had pubic muscle dilatation in the anatomy or who have thin pubic coccyge muscles.


[Healthy intercourse has a magical beauty effect]

[Healthy intercourse has a magical beauty effect]

It is said that women in love are the most beautiful. In fact, women who are nourished by sex are really more beautiful.

People with perfect sex are healthier and more beautiful.

And how does sex have such a magical effect?

I will introduce four reasons why sex people are healthier and more beautiful.

Beauty, skincare, and sex can be skincare. Some studies have found that people who have sex about 3 times a week regularly look 12 years younger than their “asexual” peers.

Because people who have a regular life look better.

And the skin care effect of sex has begun from the foreplay stage. The strokes and kisses before sex can make people’s physiology greatly soothed, their metabolism will be accelerated, and skin aging will be delayed.

And the harmonious sex process, the intoxicating floating feeling will stimulate the human autonomic nervous system, trigger the strong secretion of sex hormones, and enhance the permeability of the skin.

And gentle intercourse can reduce your chances of getting dermatitis, rashes, and freckles.

The generated sweat cleanses the pores and leaves the skin radiant.


[How to eat melon to lose weight fast weight-loss]_ _ production methods

[How to eat melon to lose weight fast weight-loss]_ _ production methods

Melon is a lot of people are familiar with the vegetables, but also a relatively high nutritional value of vegetables, a lot of people like to eat melon.

Of course, a delicious melon, you can add other than nutrition, there is a great deal of effect, that is to lose weight, mainly because of the relatively low conversion of melon, but also can promote the body to digest.

So, melon how to eat to lose weight fast?

Here to tell you about weight loss melon recipes!

First, multiple intersecting winter melon soup recipe: Oujie 100 grams, 200 grams of melon skin.

Method: cut melon, and put the pot Oujie total amount of water, boiling for 20 minutes, the juice can.

Effect: heat Tonglin, dampness bleeding.

Heat and cooling, diuretic Tonglin.

Usage: 1 day, 3 times served.

Melon juice is from the detoxification of beauty.

Second, melon shrimp materials: shrimp / Hemmi may, melon.

Practice: 1, shelled shrimp, to shrimp line, wash, drain water into the bowl.

2, melon, peeled and cut into small domino blocks to the heart.

3, wok and cook until the shrimp with cold water and cook until melon Sulan coupled with ripe melon, a small amount of salt, chicken seasoning Sheng admission bowl.

(Spices as little as possible).

Third, melon mushroom soup Ingredients: 500 grams of melon, mushroom 100 grams of water, fat, the amount of wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, wet starch, soybean, bean soup.

Practice: The first step, melon washed, peeled, to the flesh, the boiling pot cooked, remove and let cool flooding cool, then cut into pieces; mushroom to wash the hair heteroaryl water.

The second step is to put soy oil in a wok and add heat, add bean sprout soup, mushrooms, winter melon pieces, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and boil over high heat.Put the soup in a pan.

Fourth, winter melon barley soup ingredients: 500 grams of winter melon, 100 grams of coix seed, 10 grams of ginger, 3 grams of Dajie, 5 grams of wine, 1 gram of MSG, 7 grams of chives, 10 grams of cooked chicken oil, a little salt.

Method: The first step is to peel the melon, wash it, and cut it into 5 cm long and 1 cm thick pieces; coix seed, green onion, ginger, washed, ginger beat, cut onion.

In the second step, put the clean pot on medium heat, boil with water, add winter melon sticks, barley kernels, ginger pieces, spring onion, cook the wine, pick out the shallots, ginger, undercooked chicken oil, salt, MSG,Sprinkle with chives and stir well to serve.

[Grain Multigrain Juice]_Grain Multigrain Juice_OK_Efficacy

[Grain Multigrain Juice]_Grain Multigrain Juice_OK_Efficacy

Grain grains contain a lot of minerals and various trace elements in daily life. Regular consumption can supplement the nutrients required by the body, and it can also supplement dietary fiber. It is very good for the human stomach and can prevent physical diseases.There are many ways to do this. Grain juice is a delicious and nutritious food.

Fresh corn kernels, one cup, one red heart sweet potato, one small piece of white yam, one-half taro, mint powder, rock sugar cubes, washed with an appropriate amount of water, peeled and cut into pieces and steamed.

Let cool.

Put it in the juice machine, add a little water to break the rock sugar and water in a pot, cook until the rock sugar melts, and then pour in the crushed material.

After boiling over medium heat, simmer for 5 minutes over low heat.

Finally, decorate the juicer with mint and add water, as long as you can move the amount of material.

Boil the rock sugar first, then pour in the beaten pulp.

When cooking, it is not easy to stick to the pan.

Keep stirring during the process, as well as pour it slowly. Add it while stirring.

So as not to agglomerate.

Grain and cereal talents are healthier.

The rich nutrition contained in the grains has the functions of preventing diseases and maintaining health. For example, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in it can soften the diabetes in the blood vessels and reduce cardiovascular diseases. Many of the added fibers are also great for patients with diabetes.help.

Grain can prevent cancer.

Toxic proteins, amino acids, and B vitamins in legumes have good anti-cancer effects. Regular consumption can prevent tumor lesions. Vitamin A can help cell division in the body, prevent formation, help the immune system respond, and produce antibiotics.; Rich supplementary fiber is helpful to prevent constipation and colon cancer.

[Does the mother eat cantaloupe and return milk?


[Does the mother eat cantaloupe and return milk?

I believe that everyone can be sure that the cantaloupe is ripe. The cantaloupe has a unique taste and the nutrients it contains are exactly what the human body needs. Therefore, many people are favored by the cantaloupe. Many people snap up cantaloupeTherefore, cantaloupe is very popular in the market, but as a special group of women, can they eat cantaloupe?

Does the mother eat melon and return to milk?
Can a mother eat cantaloupe and return milk: cantaloupe is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, and also can make the beauty and beauty.

Cantaloupe in Beihai, Guangxi has the effect of appetizing and strengthening the spleen, can enhance human appetite, and promote digestive function of the stomach.

Autumn and winter are the seasons when cantaloupe is marketed in large quantities. Cantaloupe is a very healthy fruit1. Women who are not breast-feeding will not return milk when they eat it. Cantaloupe has a detoxifying effect and can expel the metabolic waste in women.So as to achieve the role of cleaning human waste.

Lactating women can eat cantaloupe. Cantaloupe can promote the health of lactating women and will not cause the phenomenon of returning milk. So lactating women can eat cantaloupe.

2, nutritional supplements cantaloupe is very beneficial to human health, cantaloupe can play the role of appetizers and spleen, can enhance human appetite.

Cantaloupe contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which can provide nutrients for lactating women and enhance the resistance of lactating women, so women eating cantaloupe will not cause milk back.

3. Precautions Women who are breastfeeding can eat cantaloupe, which will not cause women to return to milk. Cantaloupe can supplement the nutrition required by the female body.

However, cantaloupe is a cold fruit. For women with cold body, it is best not to consume cantaloupe, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of cold body.

Breastfeeding women should supplement their nutrition and eat healthy foods.

[What does San Xian Xiaohuan do?

]_ Recommended diet

[What does San Xian Xiaohuan do?
]_ Recommended diet

There are various ways to make ravioli. As long as we master and understand the basic steps, we can choose various fillings and the proportion of the mix according to our favorite. Because everyone ‘s diet and taste are different, soLearn how to make it by hand, then complete it with your favorite hands, this is a good way to enjoy yourself at any time.

To make San Xian 馄饨, we must first pay attention to the preparation of 馄饨 馄饨 filling, prepare pork, salt, cooking wine, pepper, ginger, spring onion, eggs and other seasonings, stir the scallions, ginger, and eggs together, and add an appropriate amount of water when addingAfter stirring evenly, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Then add the egg, seaweed, and shrimp skin, according to your taste and a certain proportion, add the appropriate salt chicken pepper powder, stir in a large bowl, you can put in Sanxian馄饨 stuffing.

The method of making ravioli is almost the same. It is not too particular about it. As long as the ravioli is wrapped, the filling will not leak during cooking. Of course, you want to make the ravioli more delicate.In the process of filling stuffing, you must also pay attention to certain skills. When pinching the skin, let the corners be suspended and pinched. After wrapping, you can cook in the pot.

Add clear soup to the pot, wait until the boil is boiled, and then cook the ravioli. Then the ravioli with all colors and flavors can come out of the pot. Sprinkle a few spring onions on the bowl and you’re done. You can make it yourself.Guaranteed and affordable.

[Harm of soft water]_ disadvantages _ impact

[Harm of soft water]_ disadvantages _ impact

Water purifiers have entered every household in life. Everyone feels that the juice they drink contains some harmful substances that are not visible to the naked eye, and they are not clean. They will choose to buy impurities in the water purifier glue to filter out, especially forIn the northern region, some families will install water softeners, because the water in the northern region is the Yellow River. The water quality is relatively hard, and it is easy to get sick if you drink it. So if you drink cold water often, there is some harm?

Advantages and disadvantages of water softeners—What is a water softener? The water softener is mainly used to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water through ion exchange resins to reduce water hardness.

The other technology is a physical water softening method different from the chemical ion exchange method. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are deposited into the water by high-energy polymerization spheres, so that they do not scale in the water.

The main technology is nanocrystalline technology.

The ratio of soft water to tap water has a very obvious taste and feel.

Advantages and disadvantages of water softeners—Body health The ratio of soft water to tap water has an obvious taste and feel. Soft water has high oxygen content and low hardness, which can effectively prevent stone disease, reduce the burden on the heart and kidneys, and be good for your health.

Soft water bathing, shampooing, face washing, smooth and delicate, especially protect the skin of infants and young children, can make beauty, hairdressing, skin care investment more effective.

Washing effort-saving soft water laundry is clean, fluffy, gorgeous, no residual washing and taste, and the life of the clothes can be extended by more than 15%.

Soft water washing tableware, crystal clear tea set, washbasin, bathtub are not stained, can save a lot of detergent, and is very labor-saving.

Descaling water softener mainly solves the scale problem caused by hard water. It is a water softening device to remove water and alkali. The water softener uses the principle of ion exchange to remove the hardness (water and alkali) more than 99%.Comprehensive softening with water.

The use of water softeners can keep other household water equipment (wall-hung boilers, radiators, water heaters, solar energy, etc.) from scaling, replacing, replacing, and minimizing water equipment and water pipeline maintenance costs, fuel costs, and filter purchase costs.Eliminate potential safety hazards and equipment loss due to scale.

Bathroom facilities (glass bath rooms, mirrors, bathtubs, toilets, etc.) use soft water, which can keep the white as new for a long time with less scale.

Advantages and disadvantages of water softeners-Disadvantages Water softener water treatment equipment cannot eliminate bacteria, viruses, organic matter, and cannot directly enter; regeneration requires salt consumption; and generates a certain amount of wastewater.

Is a water softener necessary-Ms. Amy’s beauty magic weapon Pure, pollution-free soft water is the best product for women’s beauty.

Washing the skin with soft water can completely remove the dirt and residual cosmetics in the pores. After bathing, the skin is not tight, has good breathability, is not easy to form acne, has good moisturizing properties, and is completely comfortable. It also makes various skin care products easier to absorb.

After washing the hair with soft water, the surface of the hair is smooth, reducing the friction and increasing the moisturizing effect, improving the substitution of the surface layer of the hair and preventing the generation of static electricity.

Is a water softener necessary-the secret weapon to eliminate scales Once scale builds up inside a boiler that is independently heated, it is a problem of reduced thermal efficiency, and more importantly, all kinds of safety risks.

According to regulations, soft water must be used in the boiler, otherwise scale will build up in the boiler and the circulating pipe network. This will not only reduce the heating efficiency, but also safety issues. The scale inside the boiler is too thick and the explosion is a common boiler accident.

Many homes now have independent heating and hot water is also solved by themselves, but most of them ignore the problem of scale.

Especially like villas, most of the water sources are self-contained wells. Groundwater is used. The water quality is harder and there are more scales. Water softeners are needed to remove the scales.