[Do you use black water for stir-fried green beans]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Do you use black water for stir-fried green beans]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Green beans are peas, but they are called differently in each area.

When making green beans, I believe that everyone has experienced such a situation that green beans are not easy to fully cooked, and the fried green beans also have a sandwich texture, which is very bad.

Retorting the food with water will make the food easier to cook when fried, so do you need to re-water it before making green beans?

Do you use simmered water for frying green beans? However, it is generally recommended to simmer first so that it will be easy to cook when fried.

And you can avoid the other dishes being too rotten or too old.

For example, when it is added to the meat, it will not cause the meat to be too old because of too long.

In addition, fresh legumes and vegetables contain saponin and lectin. If they are eaten without cooking, they may cause food poisoning.

The toxic effects of these two substances on the nitric acid mucosa, the transformation of cells have a damaging and hemolytic effect, and severe bleeding inflammation will occur.

Therefore, choosing water can better ensure that the green beans are fully cooked.

Of course, it depends on everyone’s intention whether to pass the water. If the green beans fried by you can ensure that they are fully cooked, then you do not have to worry about poisoning.

Green beans simmer in water for a few minutes Green beans are not suitable for long cooking, otherwise they will change color.

At this time, prepare a clean pot, pour a small pot of water into the pot and boil it. After the water is boiled, place the green beans in the pot to simmer.

After simmering for about two minutes, remove the green beans and cool them down to dry.

However, if you buy dried green beans, you must foam them for at least 3 hours.

Do you need to put salt when you use green beans to boil water, but it is recommended to put some salt, which is pretty good.

When the water is decanted, 1% salt is added to the water, so that the vegetables are in a physiological saline solution, which can slow the diffusion of soluble nutrients in the vegetables and reduce the loss of nutrients.

Also, you can keep the color green.

Especially frozen green beans can prevent the green beans from feeling astringent.

How long can the green beans be cooked before they are simmered in water?