Beside James, Nongmei is entering the peak of his career


Beside James, “Nongmei” is entering the peak of his career
The career of “Nongmei” ushered in a new starting point.Picture / Visual China became the NBA champion at the age of 19, was selected to the All-Star Game at the age of 20, entered the league’s best ranking and best defensive goal at the age of 22, and was elected to the MVP at the age of 24.In the early days of landing in the NBA, “Thick Eyebrow” Anthony Davis was undoubtedly the arrogant of the entire league.Despite his soft hands, the Pelicans led by him always aim to make a breakthrough in the playoffs.Until joining the Lakers this summer, “Nong Mei” career ushered in a new starting point.He is no longer alone, with one of the league’s best players James, as well as Kuzma, Bradley, Danny Green, McKee, Howard, Caruso and other strong teammates.There is almost no transition period, “Nong Mei” and James perfectly blend in, becoming the team’s absolute pillar, the Lakers record leading the league.As team name James Worthy put it, “After more understanding of the game, the peak of Davis’ career has just begun.”Contrast” from the “empty chopping group” members to the winning core for the Pelicans for 7 seasons, Anthony Davis is improving personal data almost every season.Especially in the 2016-2017 season and 2017-2018 season, “Nongmei” contributed 28 points and 11 points per game respectively.8 rebounds and 28.1 point, 11.1 rebound.At the end of both seasons, he was selected as the best result of the regular season.First of all, in those two seasons, “Nongmei” was one of the top five players in the league.But in the same period, the Pelicans’ overall record was not excellent.At that time, there was another league top insider Cousins next to “Nongmei”. The two often played brilliant data, but the team repeatedly lost the game. The combination of Anthony Davis and Cousins once became synonymous with empty cut.The situation is reversed this season, with “Nongmei” averaging 27 contributions per game.7 points, 9 rebounds, compared with the previous 7 seasons of his career, personal data can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, but the team’s record is very good, the Lakers led the league with 21 wins and 3 losses.One and a half months after the start of the new season, “Nongmei” has been elected as the best player in Western Week twice.”He has also propped up a team before, which is no stranger to him.”For the leadership ability of Anthony Davis, James very much recognizes, and other Lakers players are also happy to help” Brow Eyebrow “play perfectly on the court.” No matter whether he hits a shot or not, he only needs to play.”As teammates, we just want him to play comfortably on the court.”Breaking in between the two superstars.Figure / Osports partner “Thick Eyebrow” and James quickly run together “Everything must start from us, if we are in step, then the team will be easier to play.No matter on or off the court, we are trying to lead by example and lead the team with our performance.”James is very clear that he and Anthony Davis are the absolute core of this Lakers. The faster the two run in, the more perfect the team will be.Facts have proved that although it is the first time to be a teammate, the running-in between the two superstars is very fast, and the chemical reaction is now perfect.On December 9th, when the Lakers defeated the Timberwolves, James sent 8 assists for “Nongmei” and scored the next season’s highest 50 points, creating a series of records.The two scored 82 points, which is comparable to many top combinations in NBA history.Even Lakers coach Vogel has a hard time explaining why James and Nongmei are so fast-moving, “In short, their game style is very good, this is not simply to piece together the talent.”Both are very selfless and willing to pass the ball to their teammates. They can always make the right choices on the court, and beside them, there are a group of players who have the ability to catch and shoot threats.”During the Lakers'” Showtime “period, James Worthy had created countless honors with Jabal and” Magic “Johnson. He understood the changes in” Brow Eyebrow “this season,” when a player started when he was 26Understanding the game, and playing with another great player, his confidence is increasing day by day, he is omnipotent on the court and he is more dominant.”The Lakers will usher in a long road trip in the east.Figure / Visual China The Lakers will have to face many challenges in the future. “We have made a good start so far in the regular season, but it is only limited to this.We still have a long way to go, we must continue to win, grow together with each other, and hope that we will continue to work hard.”As the Lakers coach Vogel said, as a brand-new team, the team will face many challenges in the future, and this needs” Nongmei “to overcome with teammates.In the seven seasons representing the Pelicans, Anthony Davis played only two playoff games. In the first round of 2015, he was swept by the Warriors. In 2018, he was blocked by the Warriors outside the Western Conference finals.Can “Nongmei” fight hard battles?Even after joining the Lakers this season, many people are still skeptical.The Lakers have only lost three games this season, losing to the Clippers in the opener and losing to the Raptors and the Lone Ranger. The opponents are all strong teams.How to maintain a high win rate in a strong dialogue is the direction the Lakers have been working hard on.According to the schedule, the Lakers then ushered in a long eastern road trip, playing against 5 Eastern teams within 8 days, including the Magic, Heat, Pacers, Bucks 4 teams in the top eight in the East, Anthony DavisAnd teammates will face a major test.In particular, the Bucks, who have won 15 straight, have the same record as the Lakers (21 wins and 3 losses).The Lakers will challenge the Bucks in the last game of the five-game team. It is likely to be a regular-head battle between the two teams. The direct dialogue between “Nongmei” and “Alphabet Brother” is also attracting attention.If Anthony Davis can lead the team through a difficult road trip and defeat the hot Bucks, the Lakers will have a brighter prospect this season.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang