A legend of scoring 38 points in 43 minutes!Marbury CBA cried in the 200th game _1


A legend of scoring 38 points in 43 minutes!Marbury cried in the 200th game of CBA
What kind of determination and desire for victory allowed Marbury to play such a performance at the last minute of the game. Marbury scored 12 points from the last attack of regular time to help the Beijing team defeat 107-105 overtime.Guangdong.The Beijing team thus defeated their opponents 3-1 with a total score and advanced to the finals for the third time in four years.Marbury, a 38-year-old veteran, played a full 43 minutes today and eventually scored 38 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists in the game.Marbury hit the 28-year-old level.  At the beginning of today’s game, Marbury showed a strong offensive desire. After the opening, he reached the inside of the Guangdong team five times in a row to try to attack their rim.It’s a pity that I always feel a little bit worse, and I haven’t succeeded in five consecutive attacks.One of them even fell into the ground straight from the air in an exaggerated posture even in a collision with the opponent because the attack was too fierce.CCTV’s commentary Yang Jian also bluntly said that among the 38-year-old players currently active in the professional league, they can’t find the second player who can attack the opponent’s rim as fiercely as Marbury. He is the only one remaining.Too.  Marbury fights so fiercely because he knows very well that this game is a must-win for Beijing.Once Wukesong missed, then back to Guangdong, everything is difficult to control.It is a pity that other players in Beijing are always interrupted today, and Guangdong, who played with foreign aid alone, slowly overcame the score in the fourth quarter.This also allowed Marbury to stage a good show of the solo rider in the last three times.  First of all, in the first half of the fourth quarter, after the Guangdong team overcame the score by 78-77 for the first time, the Beijing team missed the attack. Instead, Yi Jianlian was given a 2 + 1 chance. After the United League penalty, the Beijing team fell behind by 4 points.Marbury started to take over the game. He passed the defensive player with one step down. It was also a 2 + 1. The Beijing team gave Guangdong a free throw opportunity next round.Looking back, it was Marbury’s sharp breakthrough that helped Beijing to bite the score without being pulled apart.  The second time to save the Beijing team was naturally the three-pointer before the regular time. The Beijing team only had 15 seconds of attack time, and the attack was not smooth after the first serve.After re-serving the sideline, Marbury took the ball and turned to face the noble direct and difficult three-point shot. Noble didn’t expect Marbury to vote so decisively. He stepped forward to block and was afraid of fouling.’S three points into the basket, dragging the game into overtime.  In overtime, Marbury is fully equipped to resist the entire team.In the case of other players who are not dramatic at all, he made a sudden outsourcing in one person, constantly blasting to compete with the Guangdong team.He didn’t give up even when he was behind 101-105. He made two consecutive breakthroughs and scored 105-105 in basketball.No matter whether it is noble or Zhou Peng, in the face of Marbury who is full of perseverance in his eyes, it seems that he has lost the direction of defense.Until the last moment, Marbury missed a three-pointer, Zhu Yanxi magically added the ball, and finally put a happy end to Marbury’s 200th CBA game.  Everyone often cherishes the heart of never underestimating a champion. Marbury today used his performance to explain what it means to be a champion.In fact, from the injury last season that missed most of the season, to the serious decline in the regular season this season, Marbury’s aging is an indisputable fact.However, he always stated in interviews or on his personal Weibo that he was only retaining physical strength to deal with key games, and the old horse will never be discouraged after losing to the strong team, vowing to help Beijing win another championship.Faced with such comments from Marbury, some fans expressed doubts, but today, Marbury confirmed what he said was not false.In the 200th game of his CBA, Marbury, 38, entered the finals with a 38-point softball team. This is an unforgettable game and will surely be an indelible legend in the history of CBA.(Eric)