High-heeled shoes are worn alternately, healthy and beautiful

High-heeled shoes are worn alternately, healthy and beautiful

In the midsummer, various high-heeled sandals are on the streets, forming a beautiful landscape.

However, while the majority of female friends love beauty, they have to face a problem. Wearing high heels for a long time will affect health.

Conducted, Beijing University of Physical Education professor of sports medicine, doctoral tutor Wang Anli suggested that female friends should change their high heels and sneakers from time to time, so that not only can protect the arch, but also exercise the calf muscles.

  Wearing high heels, there will be no more activity activities on the feet. In the long run, the calf muscles will eventually become shorter because they are often in a state of tension.

  If the heel is too high, the body will lean forward. When walking, all the center of gravity will be concentrated on the forefoot. The arch can not naturally contract. It may be deformed after a long time.

The toe fracture is at the tip of the toe, and the local blood circulation is not smooth, which is also likely to affect the health of the bone.

  Above, flat-bottomed sneakers ensure that when we walk, the whole foot is on the ground, and the laces firmly bind the soles of the feet, and the bones and muscles of the feet are in a relatively relaxed state, which does not decrease during the activity.It’s not easy to feel tired after a long time.

  ”When wearing high heels, if you feel sore or uncomfortable in your legs, it is best to change your shoes for a few days.

Wang Anli said that the high-heeled shoes and the sneakers are worn alternately, so that the calf muscles that have been in a state of tension for a long time can be relaxed in time.

White-collar women need to wear high-heeled shoes when they are in the company because of work requirements. It is best to change shoes and go on the road when they go to work; or after walking for a half hour to an hour after dinner, this has a good relaxation effect on the calf muscles.